All IGC Members with at least Member status are eligible to enter. Free entry is only available to IGC Members with at least Member status if they have been in at least Member status for a month or more OR if they have donated at least $1 through any donation method.
Community Managers are not eligible to participate in the official giveaways. Other administrators that are not part of the giveaway management team may participate.


All eligible members will be able to get a single free ticket for each giveaway using the giveaway bot - entries will usually end around the 25th of month. Additional entries can be obtained through the following methods:
  • 1 ticket per $ donated through Twitch bits, donations, paid subs, Patreon, and Redbubble during the month the giveaway runs.
  • 3 tickets for using Discord Nitro Boost during the month the giveaway runs.
  • 3 tickets for using the Free Twitch Sub through Amazon Prime to subscribe to the IGC channel.
  • 1 ticket per $ of value of item (such as a game) given during an unofficial giveaway that ended during the official giveaway month. If it is a game Steam Tracker will be used and the lowest value of a sale the game could have been purchased for will be used. If part of a bundle such as Humble Bundle a determination would be made of the game’s worth (usually $1-$3).
  • Additional tickets may be earned as special rewards and promotions throughout the year. (Ex: Extra Life)
Note: Members must opt in to have additional entries credited by using the giveaway bot for their free entry.
Note: Special contests held in June and December are for the entire year up to that point. See Special contests for more details.
Note: If your Patreon and/or Twitch account is not linked to Discord and your name is significantly different we may not be able to track these donations, if this is the case please inform The Development Manager via DM so you can receive appropriate credit and tickets.
Note: For Redbubble please inform The Community Manager via DM of any purchases you make so the appropriate credit and tickets can be distributed.
Note: There are no limitations on the maximum number of entries one can have on any given month.

Rules and Info

The IGC Monthly Giveaway is an official monthly giveaway for prizes using excess profits from member contributions through Twitch, Patreon, Redbubble, Discord, and other services throughout the year. The purpose of the IGC Monthly Giveaway is as follows:
  • Encourage cross-group participation.
  • Give excess revenue back to community members.
  • Incentivize contributions from members to increase revenue stream for advertisement, potential growth, and other things (paid beta access accounts, etc.).
Each Giveaway will be held at the start of the month, usually on the 1st (but obligations of administration may cause push backs) and go on throughout the months. Free entries end on the 25th of each month - entries through contribution will continue till the end of the month. Drawings for each Giveaway will be held around the first of the month.
The Drawing will not be determined by the bot, since it is unable to distinguish extra ticket entries. Instead a post will be made and users will be asked to react to it as an easy way to track free entries. Drawing will be completed by manually adding entries and using a randomizer to determine the winner. Monthly giveaway drawings may be streamed for transparency.

Special Giveaways

Special Giveaways are held in June and December. For June, entries through contribution will be considered throughout the entire year up until June 30th, though only one free ticket entry is given and players must opt in during the month of June only. For December, the same rules apply except all entries through contribution are considered throughout the entire year.
Prizes are significantly higher during these special giveaways. See Prizes below.


Each giveaway will have a value, prizes can be redeemed however the winner feels would be the best method to distribute them. Prize money can be exchanged for real USD (or other currencies) or items of value via methods like Paypal, Steam Gifts, direct delivery through Amazon, etc. When accounting for the delivery of prize money, please include the actual amount including taxes, currency conversion from USD, service fees, and shipping when applicable as prize money must be used to pay for any of these as they are not excluded. (Ex: If requesting delivery of the prize money through Paypal please consider the service fees Paypal charges).
Each monthly giveaway amount will have a set amount of prize money. The prize money awarded is determined at the start of the year through the following calculation (except the 1st year, which will have $20 prizes to be conservative): Annual Projected Income / 36 = Monthly Prize Money (Rounded to the Nearest Dollar). Ex: (If our annual projected income is $500 at the start of the year, $14 will be the prize money rewarded).
Annual Projected Income includes deductions from Projected Yearly Expenses (maintaining website, Discord, Podcast hosting, etc.).
The following years have had giveaway prize money determined:
  • 2019: $20
The special giveaway held in June will have the following calculation to determine the payout (except the 1st year, which will have a $50 prize to be conservative):
(Income Earned up till June - Current Yearly Expenses) / 4 = June Giveaway Prize Money.
December’s special giveaway will be as follows:
(Income Earned up till December - Projected Yearly Expenses) / 3 = December Giveaway Prize Money.

Unofficial Giveaways

Anyone can run a giveaway using the Giveaway bot or any other method of giveaway of their choice, such as trivia. When running a giveaway, you may be eligible for extra entries on the official giveaway of the month your drawing ends based on the value of the giveaway prize. Please see Entries above for more information on how extra entries are determined.
Please note that if your Giveaway has less than 5 interested parties, or is determined to have an item value under $1 you may not be eligible for additional tickets.
Please contact The Community Manager through DM or provide input in the #giveaways channel if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding IGC Giveaways.