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Check out all the happenings at IGC right here.  General news posts can be found in this section, including any announcements about the addition of new guilds, programming, and all of our fundraising.  Stop back often to hear all about it! 

Happy Birthday IGC!

The Impact Gaming Commnuity is TWO YEARS OLD today!  Today we take a look back and all the things we've accomplished in our second year.

With just a few days left until the October 16th Open Beta launch for Mech Warrior Online, PGI has decided to push back the Open Beta while they address several stability issues that appeared with last Tuesday's patch and upgrade to CryEngine 3.41.

The delay has also given PGI time to make revisions to the match making system to provide a better experience for those not fortunate enough to have a reliable group of 7 other people to play with on a consistent basis.

While it's regretable that many IGC members will have to wait longer to participate in this gamer group, it is truly the best choice PGI could have made for MWO at this time. Founders Packs still grant closed beta access via

Read more for the official letter from PGI

Nobody knows exactly when the Planetside 2 beta will begin, but recent developments indicate it could be as early as tomorrow...

VI changes leadership, an old friend moves up in the world, new gamer groups are in the works, and a little something special is being cooked up for our two-year anniversary!

There's lots shakin' here at the Impact Gaming Community so geeeeeeeeet ready!!

Read on to take a look at this latest edition of IGC news for the full scoop.


Did you know that IGC also has a Steam group?  Join up today to take part in all the fun!

We've been recruiting so many players lately it's been hard to keep up with them!  In order to rectify this situation I decided to redo some of the menus today and in doing so I wanted to highlight our Steam group.



Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open