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Check out all the happenings at IGC right here.  General news posts can be found in this section, including any announcements about the addition of new guilds, programming, and all of our fundraising.  Stop back often to hear all about it! 

Happy Birthday IGC! Today you turn 3!!!

As September comes to a close it's time to update the standings!

InsomniacGamer's Community is running a Child's Play Event on July 20th!

We're live again with an even newer, cleaner design. Check out all we have to offer and report bugs!

Our new site is live and ready to rock!  Changes are still going on daily but we're off to a great start and would like to hear what you have to say about it!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open