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For the third year in a row the Impact Gaming Community team participated in the Extra Life fundraiser and this year we raised more money than ever before!  We are proud to have been part of this event and look forward to more in the future.  But how did we do?  Check it out...

Impact Gaming Community, as a team, raised $1156 shattering our previous record of $1116 last year.  I consider that to be a great success for us and a testament to our ability to band together as a community and get donations for those kids!

Special thanks to Papaj, AIMonster, Seifer, Thaner, and all our IGC donators (you know who you are!) for making this special weekend that much more special.  We shall see you next year!  

Oh, and if you didn't donate yet, it's never too late!  Head on over to our team page, select Roster, and choose who you'd like to donate to.

Once again thank you to everyone!


Check out our past articles on Extra Life: 2013 ($906) | 2014 ($1116) 


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