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This weekend members of the Impact Gaming Community will be taking part in Extra Life, a yearly fundraising campaign to raise money for various cancer societies that aim to heal sick children everywhere.  As a community we've participated in Extra Life since 2013 and are proud to once again be on board this year and aiming to raise $1500!  Be a part of something special with us this weekend, or right now, by giving a little of you to those in need.

For those interested in getting involved, you can check out our streamers page to see when our streamers will go live!  Additionally you can visit our Extra Life page to donate money to one or all of our streamers!

Thanks to all our streamers and donors.  Remember don't be shy, we have a goal to reach and hope we can smash it this year!

See you all this weekend! 


Check out our past articles on Extra Life: 2013 ($906) | 2014 ($1116) 


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