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No Longer Just a Dream!


For awhile now we've wanted to launch a full-fledged streaming program here at IGC but we've never really had the people to make it happen.  That's all changed now with the addition of some key folks to our lovely gaming community.  

Recently we were found by a fellow who goes by the handle DefiantDaniel (@DefiantDaniel) and he brought with him an audience of dedicated watchers for his streaming channel (  He wanted to know what our level of involvement was in the streaming world and we told him right upfront; very little!  After taking a look at the resources we have and gauging what our potential could be to bring in new streamers and gamers, he decided he wanted to be part of all this.

Well it's official and we've brought him onboard!  With that IGC has now established a "Stream Team" (and yes you get a cool title on the forums for being part of it) and the open-to-the-public "Impact Gaming Group" for gamers looking for a place to settle down without committing to a specific title.  If that's you, you'll probably want to hit that Apply button at the top of the website and give us a holler.  You can also check out who is on the Stream Team by clicking on "Streams" at the top of the website.  More people are being added all the time.  Give a follow if you what you see guys!

I also wanted to give a shout-out to those who came along with Dan and have been part of the process in some way, including Recluse88 and EmiMori!  AIMonster, IGC's Development Manager has been right in the thick of all this as well, working to make sure the website's code is up to par and ready for action.  It's been a pleasure working/gaming with all of you so far.  There are definitely big things happening on the stream front now thanks to all of you.  Let's keep it rolling and make this dream a reality!


IGC is a gaming community built for mature adults.  We joke around, get rowdy, and have a good time doing it.  If you're wondering if you'll be a good fit, hop on our Teamspeak channel and find out for yourself.  In the meantime, follow us on social media on Twitter

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