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Last night, our fabulous party of adventurers began their journey into the world of Fiantis. Before I get into the happenings, a small introduction for each of our party members.

As the Tiefling Paladin of Helm, armed with a two handed great-sword, morning star, and dagger is Torment. Standing at six feet tall with solid black eyes, red skin, and hair so black it seems to reflect the light around it, Torment makes a very imposing figure indeed. Even with this imposing figure, Torment enjoys a joke, but chooses to talk less and smile more. After all, a large smile from a tiefling with solid black eyes might be the last thing that any of his enemies have ever seen.

On the shorter end of the spectrum is Dengrim Quartzheart. A dwarven barbarian, standing just over four feet tall and just as broad. Separated from his nomadic herd, he made his way across the lands, donning his cloak, which he fashioned from the pelt of a felled owl-bear. His piercing brown eyes, darkly tanned skin, and glimpses of his braids peeking out from under the the dark fur of the long expired beast that drapes his countenance.

Standing just as tall as Torment the Tiefling is Velas. A human, born to an ancient line of royalty that is now in ruins, he sets out trying to make a name for himself, while leaving the rebuilding of the family to his other surviving relatives. Trained in the arts of subterfuge and espionage what Velas may lack in brute strength, he makes up for with the speed and cunning he commands with both the blade and his ever silver tongue.

Finally, the most peculiar of their traveling band is Eshenesra Xilvyre. This half-elven druid with fiery red hair, tanned skin, and green eyes might be the most curiously beautiful creature to walk the lands; in whatever form she happens to choose. Living deep in the forests of Fiantis, Eshenesra has always felt a deep connection to anything that was ancient and primal. The howls of the wolves echoing throughout the forests brought her comfort, and the ancient trees provided her with shelter. It was many weeks until Eshenesra made a discovery while exploring deep within the caves of Fiantis. She believed she had found remnants of the most primal and ancient of beasts ever to walk the world. Beasts that she believed to be myth and legend. She was fascinated and her discovery drove her to leave her hermitage. She set out into the lands of Fiantis with this knowledge, and vowed to protect it whatever the cost.

Our journey begins….

Traveling to the bustling city of Camor, the party finds itself in the small, squalid, swamp village of Styrewood. As they walk in through the rag-tag gates, Eshenesra is suddenly assaulted by the most violent of impacts. It turned out to be a small elven boy, who had stolen some food. His brother has recently disappeared and the boy is worried. Torment gives the boy some dry rations, and the party, more-so to calm the boys senses than anything else, reluctantly agree to help the boy locate his brother. The boy in his rush tells them that his brother’s name is Barinth, but never gives his own. He directs them to the last place that his brother was seen and then disappears down the path as abruptly as he came. The party decides to follow the boy’s lead and head to The Rusty Mug, the establishment that serves as the only tavern in Styrewood. As the party approaches they notice that the building is not in the best condition. Many of the windows are boarded up, clearly from being broken in too many bar fights, the frames of the windows still broken and splintered. The damp air and incessant growth of vines have warped much of the structure. Despite the dilapidated state of the building the party can still hear the raucous sounds of men and women who have had a bit too much to drink spilling out into the street. They enter the establishment, and garner much more attention than they would have liked. They gain some information from the barkeep, a fiery red headed dwarven female, who the party realizes has a few days of stubble growing in. Dengrim is smitten. In a show of skill, Dengrim finds a dartboard and challenges anyone to a game for 5 gold. Upon closer inspection, Dengrim realizes that there are no darts to be found, and instead pulls out a hand axe. After a bit of goading, he finds a challenger, and in one great throw is five gold richer. Meanwhile, the rest of the party is asking around about Barinth. They find a young man named Gran who tells them of The Cult of Darkened Senses. A mysterious new organization that popped up in Styrewood shortly before the first of the disappearances. Gran also tells them of Hozal, one of the returned victims of the disappearances, and of Kulo, the head of the local office of the Thieves guild.

It is at this point that the party decides to head on towards these two destinations. Much to the dismay of Velas, the party decides to divide and conquer. Eshenesra and Dengrim going to visit Hozal, while Velas and Torment head to the Thieves Guild headquarters. Eshenesra and Dengrim reach Hozal’s house, and while she didn’t remember much, they learn that she was held in some sort of prison cell with other victims; however, all of the other victims that she interacted with were Humans. She also relayed to them that she was having nightmares and was continually haunted by a rune. A rune that neither Hozal, Eshenesra, or Dengrim have any knowledge of. Hozal gives them a drawing of the rune, and retires to her room for the evening. 

Meanwhile, Velas and Torment go to the Thieves guild with a proposition of business for Kulo. Meeting with Kulo, they find that she is also a Tiefling, with blue skin, stark white hair, and piercing amber colored eyes. Her right horn is broken and her tail twitches behind her. Kulo, after some negotiation with Velas agrees that The Cult of Darkened Senses is bad for business and should be put to rest. She has no information on it, but points them to north, about a mile into the forest to the home of Thurmond. An herbalist, who, from what they gather from Kulo, is quite...eccentric; however, if anyone would have information on this mysterious cult, it is him. Velas, Torment, and Kulo say their goodbyes and the party is reunited, with less answers, and quite a few more questions. 

That was it for this week. Next week we will see how the party decides to continue forward. 


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open