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Static Impact will utilize a Wishlist System for distributing most loot that drops from events. Please read below for full details on how it all works!

The Wishlist

A Wishlist is a 15-item list that denotes what gear that member wants in order of importance to them.   These items include all Rare/Ex items from the event as well as specific crafted items. Players may submit a “wishlist” for each event the Linkshell current participates in. 

These wishlists cannot be edited except under special circumstances so carefully research what your priorities are prior to submitting a wishlist.

Submitting Your Wishlist

To submit your wishlist items you must first review all relevant Rare/Ex and Crafted items that drop in an event and then determine what order you want those items in. You will create one fifteen (15) items wishlist for each event, in descending priority. Then, submit those lists to any officer via Discord DM.

You may submit wishlists for the following events:

  • Sky
  • Dynamis
  • Ground
  • Sea (10 items only)
  • Limbus (5 items only)

A character must be 70+ to submit a wishlist for that character.

Items you cannot equip on any job may not be declared any higher than Slot 7.  Rare/Ex items that are used in combination with another item or that are traded in for another item are considered to be the level of the final product that the combination, craft, or trade would create.  

You may leave vacancies on your wishlist if you desire.  Please keep in mind that if you wish to fill these slots after your initial submission, and you have already received at least one item one your wishlist, it will cost you points to do so.  However, if you have not received any gear since your initial submission, you may fill them in at no cost.

Certain items that craft into usable gear may be declared on your wishlist (See Saleable Items below).

You may submit wishlists for alternate characters.  These characters will not have access to slots 1, 4, 7, 10, and 13.

Loot Distribution

Upon loot dropping, leaders will use the wishlist standings sheets, which compare your wishlist to every other wishlist, to determine who the winner is and settle any tiebreakers (See Tiebreakers below). The winner will then be declared on LS chat and/or Discord. The winner, and the winner only, will then cast lots on the loot, and everyone else in the alliance or party will pass the item to that player.


  • Player A has an item declared in Slot 2 of their wishlist and Player B has the same item in Slot 6 of their wishlist.  Player A will be declared the winner and receive the item.

That piece of gear will then be removed on the appropriate wishlist entry for that player and that slot will be marked as "Obtained".

Players must be present at the time of death of a HNM to be eligible to receive an item they would win due to wishlist priority. This includes being outside of any alliance but ready to participate at any time. Players that arrive after the time of death, during loot sorting, will not be counted.

Please note that players may "pass" a piece of gear to another the next member in line as per the standing spreadsheet if they wish to do so.

Rare/Ex items that are not declared on any wishlists at the time of drop will go free lot.

Any item that can be sold (“saleable”) that is not declared on a wishlist by anyone at the time it drops will go to the linkshell bank.  Certain items are stocked and diverted to specific members if they meet the requirements to receive them. Still certain other items can also be purchased via points when they drop (see Spending Points below).

Wishlists will be hidden at all times so that players cannot "game the system" against one another.  Taking or disseminating screenshots of the raw wishlists while they are being edited will result in a loss of points determined by officers.


  • If there is a tie in slot, total attendance points will be used to determine who actually wins the gear.
  • In case of a tie in attendance points, all tied players will cast lots and the winner will receive the gear.
  • Players can choose to pass to another tied player.


  • Player A has an item declared in Slot 5 of their wishlist.  Player B has the same item in Slot 5 of their wishlist. Player A has 30 points while Player B has 24 points.  Player A will be declared the winner since they have more points.
  • Player A has an item declared in Slot 7 of their wishlist.  Player B has the same item in Slot 7 of their wishlist. Both players have exactly 12 points.  Both players can “Cast Lots” on the item. The highest roller receives the item.
  • Player A has an item declared in Slot 3 of their wishlist.  Player B has the same item in Slot 4 of their wishlist. Player A feels the item would be better suited for Player B to have.  Player A can choose to pass the item to Player B who will receive the item, unless Player B decides to pass to the next player in line.

(See Earning Points below for how points are accumulated)

  • The following items consider jobs, in the order indicated, prior to points for the purpose of settling tiebreakers:
    • Ridill (DRK or WAR > THF > SAM/RNG/BST)
    • Defending Ring (PLD or NIN > All other Jobs)
    • Shadow Ring (PLD or NIN > All other Jobs)
    • Shadow Mantle (PLD or NIN > All other Jobs)

Earning Points

  • One hour of participation at any event earns 1 point (rounded up)
  • Alternate characters earn the same amount of points as main characters
  • In the event a HNM spawns within one hour of opening, a minimum of one point will be awarded to all present at the time of spawn
    • Points for all "Ground" mobs will be maintained separately from all other events.
    • Points are awarded at the end of the camp and only when there was a legitimate kill force present.
  • Points will also be awarded for retrieving relevant and usable times of death from event mobs.  One point will be earned for this.
    • These points are awarded when there there aren't enough members to legitimately kill the mob that spawned.
      • These points will only be awarded to main characters.
    • For Fafnir/Behemoth/Adamantoise camps, the next-day start time for the camp must fall within the hours of 3 PM and 11 PM EST.
    • Members killing Behemoth or Adamantoise outside of this window may determine the fate of the items dropped among their party.
    • The two rules above this one are suspended on Friday and Saturday.
  • Points may be awarded for scouting the spawn of a HNM.  One point will be earned for this.
    • These points are awarded for announcing on linkshell/Discord that a HNM has spawned and is available for claim.
    • Regardless of whether the linkshell defeats the mob or not, you will still receive this point, as long as a viable kill attempt is made.
    • Mobs eligible to be scouted include: Hydra, King Vinegarroon.
    • These points will only be awarded to main characters.
  • Points will also be awarded for retrieving needed pop items from Sky, Sea and Limbus outside of scheduled event times.
    • Each needed pop item will earn you 1 point.
      • HQ Aern Organs are accepted at 0.5 point for one (1) organ.
      • All other HQ organs are worth zero (0) points.
      • Ghrah M Chips will be accepted at 0.25 points per one (1) chip.
      • Chips from Apollyon and Temenos are worth one (1) point each (excluding Metal Chip).
    • Pop items will only be banked up to six (6).  Please see relevant tabs in our master spreadsheet to see currently banked items.
    • A maximum of six (6) members will be awarded these points.
    • We will accept the following pop items even when the maximum are banked.  They are worth an increased number of points.
      • Autumnstone (3 points)

Spending Points

  • Players can now spend points (once per week) in the following manner:
Cost Description Eligible Pool
1  Equivalent to 50k (main characters only)* Scheduled or Ground
3 Purchase a “100” currency from the bank. (Sponsor only**)  Scheduled
7 Sponsoring one Dynamis event (Sponsor only**) Scheduled 
10 Add/Move an item to slot 7 or below on your wishlist* Scheduled or Ground 
20 Add/Move an item to slot 2 through 6 on your wishlist* Scheduled or Ground 
30 Add/Move an item to slot 1 on your wishlist* Scheduled or Ground 
50 Submit a new wishlist for one event  Scheduled or Ground 
75 Submit new wishlists for every event in this pool Scheduled
100 Unlock all slots for one event and submit a new wishlist for that event (alternate character only) Scheduled or Ground
10%/month† Re-purchase wishlists for all events in this pool. Scheduled of Ground


Please note that any modification to a wishlist must still follow the basic guidelines for gear lotting eligibility.  Any point expenditures must be done outside of event time. Requests made during scheduled or unscheduled event times will not be honored.

* Spending points in a pool allows you to use these perks only for events that contribute points to that pool.  For Cost 1 priority will be given to those spending points in the pool associated with the event a member is purchasing drops from.  Moving an item already on your wishlist into an occupied slot will swap the position of those items on your wishlist.

** Sponsor opportunities are only available in the event that there is no current sponsor or the current sponsor does not wish to sponsor a particular run.

† This point purchase only applies to members that have been away for over 60 days and have had their wishlists wiped due to that inactivity.  The maximum amount of points to re-purchase wishlists will not exceed 75 for the scheduled pool or 50 for the ground pool.  Main and alternate characters will be required to spend these points separately.

Saleable Items

The following rules govern saleable items for Sky specifically:

  • Craftable items used in “Cursed” item synthesis will be provided to the winner of the abjuration item in the order in which items were won.  (ie. Siren’s Hair, Divine Lumber, Behemoth Hide, etc.)
    • Members will only receive the exact amount needed for a single synthesis.
    • Abjurations obtained via Free Lot will not be eligible for this perk.
    • When the bank reaches a certain threshold of each of these items, they may be sold by the bank for gil or purchased with points by members as per the chart above.

The following rules govern saleable items for Ground specifically:

  • The following list of items are all crafted from saleable items that drop from Ground monsters.  They can be declared on wishlists:
    • Barone Corazza
    • Berserker’s Torque
    • Cerberus Mantle
    • Cerberus Bow
    • Dragon Harness
    • Hades Sainti
    • Orochi Nodowa
    • Mercurial Pole
    • Sha’ir Manteel
  • These items may also be provided to members when no one has declared them on their wishlist if it is deemed worthy of enhancing their gameplay.  They will not be sold for gil unless there is zero interest in them from the entirety of our membership.
  • “Cerberus” items will be tracked in the order in which they were received.  All members who have declared them on their wishlist will be eligible to receive a second saleable item to try their craft again in an attempt to create a HQ item after all wishlist requests have been fulfilled.

The following rules govern saleable items for Limbus specifically:

  • Ancient Beastcoins will be divided equally among all participants in a given event night.
  • Ancient Beastcoins that cannot be divided equally will be /random'd for among all interested participants.
  • All other items dropped will be freelot.

The following rules are universal to all saleable items:

  • If a saleable item receives no point bids or its finished product is undeclared on any wishlist, the item will be placed in the linkshell bank.
  • Members may purchase saleable items from bank two different ways:
    • Gil: Members may purchase items at a 20% discount of current market value.  Ask an officer to make a purchase.
    • Points: Members may purchase items using points using the ratio of 1 points per 50k gil using current market value.
      • Alternate character may not spend points in this manner. 
  • In cases where no member shows an interest in purchasing the saleable after a certain amount of time has passed, the linkshell may craft them into a finished product which may yield higher gains for the bank.  (ie. Damascus Ingot into Haubergeon)
    • Crafters will be tipped 10% of the final product’s market value or another sum negotiated prior to the craft being completed.

Special Loot Rules

Lesser HNM

  • Members can earn points in a new pool called "NM" for camping certain Notorious Monsters. This point pool will be available on the Master Document.
  • The following NMs are included in this pool: King Arthro
  • Members will receive one (1) point per hour, for camping the listed NMs.
    • These points may be earned at any time of day or night.
    • Obtaining a time of death while AFK (such as overnight) will earn one (1) point in this pool.
  • Members will be eligible to lot on the following items dropped by these NMs once they have accumulated the minimum amount of points listed next to the item.
    • Speed Belt: 60 points
  • The member with the highest point total will receive the desired item.
  • Once an item has been obtained from this pool, the player's points will be reduced to 0.
  • Any member discovered to be selling or trading any of the above items will be removed from the linkshell immediately.
  • Grandfather Clause: The following members are eligible to lot regardless of the amount of points they have accumulated in this pool. This is to acknowledge contributions they have already made toward camping these mobs:
    • King Arthro: Ashton, Fng, Thefizz, Shika (Speed Belt)


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