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..while 50% of our ls wasn’t online. As we trickled in and the rage timer ticked down, the race to the Tree was on. I kept pace with several SD members intent on claiming on our expected wipe, but the holding party did an amazing job at keeping Faf slept and the tanks up. Finally enough of us zoned in to begin taking down the mob in earnest, and I earned skillups on BLM so that’s really the true win, never mind these drops (congrats to Grave on n:head, apologies I forgot who got the Aegishjalmr):

It was a great moment after last ground’s festival of SD claims, and after a short break we razed Sky down, getting a quick Despot, Ulli, Mother Globe, Zip, and Faust before heading out to kill an antlion that I always feel kinda bad for because he has an actual name. Just as I don’t think I’d be as into killing Fafnir if his name was Fred, killing Alastor Antlion makes me think he has a family at home. Perhaps he’s Alastor Jr., the last of his line. THINK OF THAT THE NEXT TIME YOU’RE NUKING ITS FACE OFF OK?!?!



He drops some very nice boots that we obtained for Shwa (our newest!), Thefizz (who was kind enough to give several LS members free pops), Enryu, and myself, because Annette is too nice and gave me her space. I think we all know I’d continue to lose the randoms otherwise (Thanks again, lady).

Rostrum pumps, now with 50% more vagina pants!


All in all, a fantastic evening for SI, which is probably why Kez’s group running Sacrarium just after took 9000 years to obtain two coral crest keys. THERE MUST BE BALANCE IN ALL THINGS.


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open