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Saturday Kirins are good to us!


We've been at Sky for a few weeks now but tonight was a big success for us and not just because of the sweet gear drops, but rather because we're making real progress as a linkshell.

Back when I played retail, killing Kirin wasn't a big deal.   We zerged it down in under three minutes, but it was literally years before that was even a thing.  Prior to that we used a kite strategy and sometimes Kirin would take over an hour to kill.  It was a real slog. 

Well here we are in 2019 and we're using that strategy now!  We've killed all our Kirins with it.  We've been successful all-around, but the biggest thing about it is the first Kirin took about an hour to kill and the fifth one only took about 26 minutes.  I expect we'll get that down to about 20 in a short time.

And that's what I'm proud of.  Not the drops or the attendance or whatever else might motivate people to actually show up, but rather the commitment to a cause.  Static Impact has become a very good linkshell and, I hesitate to say, it was exceeded my expectations by a noticeable amount.  I was not expecting us to be where we are now in such a short time, but here it is.  We've recruited well and the players have met the challenges.

So here's to meeting more challenges with you fine people in the future.  Huzzah!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open