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Goals: End-game PvE
Timezones: North American (EST, CST, MST, PST)
Server: Hyperion [Legacy]


Mission Statement

Neutral Impact firmly believes the game is not a job. We all have busy personal lives to attend to and that will always take priority over the game.  While our Free Company is not strictly a social group, our social pearl is.  We believe the group and the individual are equal. By extension, we believe members should get the respect they deserve and so transparency is important to us for all things; banks, policies, and planning. Our group believes in always moving forward and as such, all our actions will be focused on reaching the end game and participating in it as best we can, as fast as we can. Lastly, we also believe that the most fair gaming environment is created using custom-tailored rules with a firm foundation of time-tested leadership. Our leadership is experienced and highly structured.  This isn't your run-of-the-mill guild.  We play seriously and also know when to joke around and have a great time.

Our goals will always include defeating all instanced and open world raid content in a quick and productive manner.  We may not be the first, but we will always be in the running.  To accomplish these goals we seek the finest semi-hardcore players available within the Final Fantasy XIV community to bring their talent here and play their hearts out.

We're having a total blast going through Bahamut's Coil! Status update inside.

The relaunch of FFXIV is just around the corner so it's about time we put our plan on paper.

Neutral Impact has decided to hop to Hyperion Server for the launch of Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

Neutral Impact is taking inventory of its members, preparing for launch in three weeks.

That's right everyone, we're back in business!  Neutral Impact kicks off once again (as if we ever went away) on February 25th with the launch of Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn Beta!  Want to join us in the beta?  Hit that Read More button and find out how!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open