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Goals: End-game PvE
Timezones: North American (EST, CST, MST, PST)
Server: Hyperion [Legacy]


Mission Statement

Neutral Impact firmly believes the game is not a job. We all have busy personal lives to attend to and that will always take priority over the game.  While our Free Company is not strictly a social group, our social pearl is.  We believe the group and the individual are equal. By extension, we believe members should get the respect they deserve and so transparency is important to us for all things; banks, policies, and planning. Our group believes in always moving forward and as such, all our actions will be focused on reaching the end game and participating in it as best we can, as fast as we can. Lastly, we also believe that the most fair gaming environment is created using custom-tailored rules with a firm foundation of time-tested leadership. Our leadership is experienced and highly structured.  This isn't your run-of-the-mill guild.  We play seriously and also know when to joke around and have a great time.

Our goals will always include defeating all instanced and open world raid content in a quick and productive manner.  We may not be the first, but we will always be in the running.  To accomplish these goals we seek the finest semi-hardcore players available within the Final Fantasy XIV community to bring their talent here and play their hearts out.


Over the past few weeks we've brought some heavy-hitters into the linkshell. Having expanded our concept of recruitment a bit, giving players more freedom to choose their comrades, the leadership has been quite pleased overall with how things have worked out.


While our roster is still stands around 30 members, we feel the quality of each member has truly increase since launch date. That's certainly a good sign for a growing linkshell, and is a trend we hope to continue. Recruitment is still going strong across the community sites, with particular emphasis on higher-ranked end-game-ready players. That campaign thus far has netted us half a dozen new players, with many more on the way in right now.


With new changes on the horizon, the outlook for the linkshell remains positive and spirits are higher than ever before (or perhaps about the same as just before launch)! That said, Neutral Impact will also be bringing some changes in the near future, based on the new content we receive this month. With potential end game activities just around the corner, the linkshell has to prepare itself to finalize important topics such as DKP system, loot distribution rules, and event scheduling. New leadership positions may open up soon too! All in good time, as they say.


Stay tuned for more big news, right here at your one-stop station for all Impact Gaming news!


Neutral Impact is at it again! After coming very close to reaching its 35 member softcap prior to launch, the linkshell has only pined for more players in the past few weeks. We've been at it a month now and we have a great idea now of our job spread and what we're looking to bring into the shell.


That being said, players interested in joining should keep current on our recruitment box over at the Neutral Impact frontpage ( If you are looking for additional information on the linkshell, don't be shy and head to our forums and make a post. There's a lot to read there as well.


For those players that are looking for our kind of shell, there's never been a better time to apply! With the December update, and open world Notorious Monsters just around the corner, we're gearing up to take 'em down! Neutral Impact's current goals are to have a minimum of 15 members ready to rock 45+ by that time to shoot for some server firsts, maybe even world firsts!


Seriously though, check us out! What have you got to lose?



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