What is the IGC Fantasy Video Game Draft?

The IGC Fantasy Video Game Draft is an event we do annually, now on the 4th year, where we draft video games similar to a fantasy sports league. We take turns picking video games we think will release within the year (2019) that will be reviewed favorably by critics and at the end of the year scores are totalled based on scoring (outlined below). The winner will take away prizes

Signups, Draft Times, and Participation

Signups will take place from 12/01 to 12/28. Anyone who would like to participate can signup by typing out in the igc-draft channel on Discord they would like to participate or by messaging The Development Manager on Discord.

Once signups are complete the draft will take place in the fourth week of December. Players will be notified when it is their turn to pick. Players must pick a game within 48 hours by typing their pick out in Discord chat. Please try to have a list of games in mind to make the drafting go as fast as possible. If a pick is not completed within 48 hours during the initial draft that player will automatically be disqualified. Once all picks are made, player participation in the draft is completed and that player will be eligible for prizes if they win - even if they don’t participate in swap picks (to be explained later).

Note: Due to holiday’s, additional time may be given for picks during and around Christmas/New Years.

Please check to make sure you are tagged with the IGC Draft Role to confirm you are considered a member of the draft


This year we are offering a prize to the winner of the competition. We will be offering up to $60 in games, gaming accessories, or gaming related merchandise of their choice. Additional prizes or an increase in the grand prize may be offered at a later date. Any person participating in the contest that is not otherwise disqualified will be eligible for the prize.

The prize can be awarded through any service that we have access to, such as a Steam gift, or shipped via a website such as Amazon. Please note that any shipping fees or additional fees will be included towards the $60. Once the year has ended the winner will be contacted to provide information on what prize they would like and how they would like it delivered.

When selecting a prize please confirm with The Development Manager first if you’d like to take advantage of any sales on a particular day. Prizes must be redeemed on a single day if total is under $60 than no additional prizes will be given to cover the remaining cost

Draft Selection Process

Once sign ups have ended, all participants will put into a pool and the order will be randomized. Once the order is decided, the first round of drafting will begin. Each player will take turns picking in order until the first round ends and all players have picked one eligible game (see game eligibility). The next round of drafting will REVERSE the previous round draft order, so the player that picked last will pick first on that round’s draft and the player that picked first will pick last. This continues, reversing the order each round until all draft rounds including the WILD round is completed. Once all drafts take place, a spreadsheet will be created to track the games and their scores. The number of rounds/seeds will be determined by the number of participants (we are aiming for about 50 total games drafted). Discussion is encouraged during the draft selection process.

Game Eligibility

In order for a game to be eligible for scoring, it must meet the following criteria. Any games NOT eligible for scoring that were selected in the draft process will be treated as a 0 score:

  • Must have released in the west with at least 4 reviews on Metacritic across all platforms.
  • Games with over 4 metacritic scores on a single platform will use the average review score of only the platforms with 4 or more metacritic scores, the above rule only applies if the game did not score more than 4 reviews on a single platform - but has 4 or more total scores.
  • Since this is a draft, you obviously cannot pick a game that has been chosen in the current draft; however, picks that were chosen in the previous year’s draft that have not yet been released are up for grabs.
  • You can specify a specific franchise of a game title (ex: Assassin’s Creed) if you wish and this is consider an eligible game, even if it has not been announced. Only major Assassin’s Creed titles would be considered in this case. If you plan to use spin off titles (ex: the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games) you can specifically specify that as well.
    You can specify a specific publisher or developer for a game release and this will be considered “Untitled Game from X” to show confidence in the publisher. The first game from that publisher/developer that releases and is not selected specifically on the draft will be counted towards the score. It doesn't matter if a higher (or lower) scoring game releases from that publisher/developer later.
  • If a game that releases from the publisher/developer is on the draft - whether it was before or after this particular selection was stated will not count. If no new games release from that publisher/developer that counts as a 0.
  • As an additional penalty for doing this, -5 will be subtracted from your total score.
  • Reboots (ex: the Tomb Raider reboot) are treated like entirely new games and are eligible.
  • Remasters and Ports are prohibited. Remakes may be accepted upon majority vote - a remake must have a significant amount of content added or changed to be considered a “remake” vs. remaster.
  • Eligible platforms a game may release on include PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and VR devices for any of those platforms


Scoring will be done throughout the process, but official scores will not be completed till the end of the year. Scoring is based on the average Metacritic score (this is the score shown when you search on Metacritic). If a game is released on multiple platforms, the score will be averaged to the nearest hundredth of a decimal by Metacritic score on each platforms (Ex: 83 on Xbone, 85 on PS4, and 83 on PC = 83.67).

If a game is not released this year or is not eligible for scoring it will score 0. There are additional penalties as well that may decrease a person’s score:

Using a swap pick (see the Swaps section) decreases points by 2, 4, 8, or 10.

Voting publisher/developer confidence as a game selection (see Game Eligibility) decreases points for 5.

Having all draft picks releases and having a wild pick (see Wild Round section) replace a score

Wild Rounds

The final round of the draft is a special WILD round. This round of the draft is completely normally and is treated as another round of the draft, but it has an important difference for scoring. At the end of the year when the scores are tallied together, the WILD pick will automatically replace your single lowest scoring game - including 0 scores. If there are multiple equally scoring games (such as multiple 0 “fails”) then it will only replace a single once.

This makes the wild round an extremely critical pick for the draft, but also because it takes place in the final round, it can be extremely difficult to get high scoring picks for the Wild Round.

The Wild Round was one of two measures put in place to encourage risk taking and making the game more competitive as we noticed within the first year that it was really boiling down to playing it safe and picking games that are surefire releases

Swap Rounds

Another measure we put in place to encourage risk taking is swap picks. There are 3 total swap pick rounds and swap picks take place Early April, July, and October. When a swap pick is announced it will be treated like another draft round, where you can replace any UNRELEASED game on your draft with any eligible game.

The draft order will be determined as follows (sorted in this order):

  • Players who have not picked in the previous swap rounds go first.
  • Players with the lowest score go first.
  • In the event of a tie, we use either reverse order of the previous swap round or wild round if it is the first swap round.  Ex: Wild Round - Player 1 picks, Player 2 picks, Player 3 picks, Player 4 picks, Player 5 picks.
  • Total Scores by First Round Swap: Player 1 - 300, Player 2 - 300, Player 5 - 200, Player 4 - 150, Player 3 - 125
  • 1st Round Swap Order will be: Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 2, and Player 1.
  • You may pass in a swap round, you do not have to swap a game out if you do not want to and it is sometimes wise not the incur the penalty.
  • Swap picks have an additional penalty associated with them. The first round of the swap draft has a -2 penalty, the second round has a -4 score penalty, and the third round pick has a penalty of -8.

Final Swap Rounds

On the final swap round (-8 points in October) after the first pick, additional swap rounds will be completed until players have swapped out all eligible games which they’d like to swap. Players will chose to pass. The penalty for each swap after the final swap round is -10. If a game does is pushed back and does not release after the final swap round this still counts as a “0”

Draft Updates

Picks and scores will be tracked through Google spreadsheets and Google docs. Scores will be updated periodically ~once a month. You can specifically request scores to be updated by sending a DM to The Development Manager or by requesting in the IGC Draft channel.

The IGC Draft channel will be used for draft discussion, but also to post score updates (ex: how a new game is tracking on metacritic) and trailers related to the draft picks

Previous year’s rules can be found here:




Previous Winners:

2018 - Wintertide (Won Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky SC and the Third)

2017 - AIMonster

2016 - Seifer