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A long time ago (2010), in a galaxy far, far away (about three towns over from where I live now) the Impact Gaming Community was just a thought in the back of my mind.  I always wanted to establish a place where gamers could come, talk, play, and just have a good time with like-minded individuals.  Three years later we've gone through several guilds, games, and we're still here.  I wanted to take this opportunity today to thank those who have made it possible to keep this place up and running (I certainly haven't done it all by myself) and highlight what we've done over the past year as well.

First and foremost are the extra special thanks!

  • Naughtius: Although you are busy with real life now and so don't get to hang with us much, I wanted to give you a big thank you for handling some of the shit I just could not deal with over the past couple of years.  You kept VI going back when it played Rift and you made sure Guild Wars 2 launched with an IGC presence.  Your hard work as part of the Axis of Insurrection allowed VI to establish itself as a leader and a force to be reckoned with.  Thankfully others took up the torch and tried to follow in your footsteps but we all knew what was coming.  Your hard work around here, as well as the encouragement you gave me, brought IGC to a new level and while others may not know who you are all that well, you're always welcome here no matter what.
  • Papaj: You've had your ups and have certainly had your downs.  What sets you apart from others is your resilience.  You've also been hit by the real-life plague but you and I both know it has been for the better.  You've also encouraged me to try harder and be a better leader, person, than I wanted to be at times.  I got myself into this mess and our conversations, even when they seemed benign, have helped me move forward in a lot of ways.  Part of me lives vicariously through you and your successes I think.  You did things in the past year I probably never had the courage to do.  Even though Guild Wars 2 was not the most successful project in your portfolio, it's helped you see your strengths and weaknesses as a person.  Don't ever let 'em say vidya games teach you nothing!
  • Seifer: Alright so you've never held an official position in IGC as far as I know, but you've certainly commanded the respect of many of your fellow guildmates and the other gamers in IGC.  Probably our biggest accomplishment in the past year has been the Podcast and you have never missed an episode.  Sure you've been quiet in one or two of them but the fact remains you have been the biggest supporter of the projects I have tried to launch here, and that was the biggest one we attempted.  You've been a source of laughter and encouragement for me and even if one day you leave the ranks of IGC for supposedly-greener pastures or something, I hope we keep in touch.  I think of you as a real friend and someone I can count on.
  • Maylei: Oh May, at times it is like pulling teeth with you.  You challenge me in a way others do not, but I will say this--I needed that in my life.  I've had it pretty easy growing up, building this all, and while we've had our arguments and seen our differences highlighted in heated discussions (and even during meetings), you have always told the truth.  Even when it was hard to hear it, you said it, and you had no problems saying it to others even if it wasn't the time for it.  You've got an aged wisdom about you and it makes you a better person.  I know you took up the mantle of Guild Leader reluctantly for Wildstar but it showed me something I had a feeling you were capable of.  You confirmed for me that you would do what it takes to make IGC move forward even if it meant making a personal sacrifice.  For that I commend you and give you my thanks.
  • Court: What a shitstorm, eh?  I don't know where you went but I am glad we spoke recently.  I know we have had our differences in the past as well, but I am starting to think that is just how I "do" relationships.  I've never been that social but you inspired me to be that person with RI.  When you were online I would hop in and no matter what the conversation was, I knew I was comfortable.  You rubbed off on me in a good way and it encouraged me to step-up my attitude with the Star Wars leadership.  If you hadn't helped me get to that point, I don't know that I would have worked the way I did to keep the project going with everyone.  So for that I am thankful, because RI is still around and it is what makes us a gaming community right now.

I have more to say to many of you, but not as lengthy!  Just really quick though I want to thank all my leaders, especially Requiem for taking a no-bullshit approach that I am sometimes reluctant to, Velera for balancing my world out at times, Nakiroth for doing all the bitch work even if he doesn't want to.  To Theben for saying that IGC was important to him and to his members when I was not in a good place, to Atronn for making the wheels turn even when they were square, to Solette for just being around to answer questions I had.  Punch I did not forget you!  Your involvement has always been important to me I would just like to see and hear from you more!  And last, but certainly not least Cichy, you're doing a great job keeping things tweeted, facebooked, and all that other fun stuff!  Thanks to all the people that have written press articles this year and to my photographers Xerlic and Eileen for supporting IGC in these little projects we sometimes do!  Helix, Miestro, Zeymah, I have not forgotten you either--I look forward to continuing working with you guys to keep things fresh for your groups.

I cannot forget to say thank you to all the loyal players who have been with us since the beginning, as well as all those who have come in on the recommendations of friends and family.  You guys make the community a community.  Without you there is no reason for us to carry on everyday.  Thank you so much for being a part of our growing family!

We have a pretty big staff (hehehe) at IGC as you can see.  Many of them work behind the scenes to bring you what they can on their spare time.  We're not professionals at this.  We do it for fun.  We don't get paid or see a god damn dime for the stuff we do here.  It's for you, the gamers, and a little bit for me, so I can feel like I have a third job when I get home.

Over the past year, IGC has done a lot to keep itself relevant.  Even though we're not big-name or plan to be, we do have projects we roll out occassionally.  Here's what we've accomplished/what's happened since this time last year!

  • Podcast: This month marks the one year anniversary of the podcast.  In September we performed our 12th episode!  Special thanks to all the podcasters who have participated!!!
  • Radiant Impact: RI celebrated two years of Star Wars gaming last December!  They're coming up on their third year and are one of the few launch-guilds still active in The Old Republic!  That is something to be proud of fellas.
  • Project Impact: In January of this year we launched Project Impact, a community-wide program in which Guild Leaders, officers, and community managers could reward players points for service to IGC and/or their guild!  The top three point-scorers will win tech prizes at the end of the year!  Come to think of it that's just over two months away!
  • Teamspeak/Website: Bracsith upgraded our TS to a new 512 person server for pennies on the dollar.  The website has undergone several changes too but it's back up and ready to serve all the players that come through our doors!
  • Violent Impact: Guilds come and go and VI definitely went somewhere.  It lives in the hearts and mind of those involved!  I think one day it will rise again, but certainly not in Guild Wars 2.
  • Impact Press: This year we established Impact Press.  In doing so we absorbed two press managers, one of which is still active, from another gaming community (The Hydra Initiative).  Since E3 we have published over 120 articles related to games and gaming news.  We covered the Microsoft conference in March, E3 via tweet and articles, and most recently were on-site for New York Comic-con where we got our article linked to the Wildstar blog!
  • Gamer Groups: This year we've seen a large-scale D&D campaign hosted by Elrath of Ashan come through our community.  League of Legends continued to thrive for many months here and is still around.  DOTA 2 was a thing for awhile, although mostly unofficially, and so was/is DayZ which is hosted by Bjornsin (assisted by Punch and Church).  Lastly we had a Minecraft presence for awhile too thanks to Shivan and Punch!
  • Game Reviews: Over the past year we have published 9 game reviews from Dishonored to Dragon's Crown.
  • Neutral Impact: NI celebrated its third year already on July 31, 2013.  The guild took a 10-month hiatus while Square Enix transitioned FFXIV from 1.0 to 2.0.  We had 15 players in 1.0 and began 2.0 with over 50 and now we're up to 80.

So what's next for IGC as we go into our fourth year?  Hopefully even more!  We're looking to establish a few more guilds and some solid gamer groups.  As I often say to others--if you want it here, all you gotta do it make it happen (and talk to me too!).  That's what we're about and I see only good things in IGC's future.  So I've written a lot and it's time to end this post.  I want to leave you with a thought as you have now read all this: What will you do to make IGC a better place this year?

Thanks for reading guys!  See you this year!!!



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