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Now with more Wildstar influence!


Awww yeah!  Ald took on this little side project since he is mega-interested in jumping into Wildstar with a pretty sizable group.  I guess he got bored while waiting for the game to launch and decided to contribute a little something to our growing community.  Here is all the artwork members can now link or use for whatever they like!

Full Size:

Standard Size (used everywhere):

And lastly, various logo sizes:



The influence is strong with this one!!!


Good luck to Maylei and the rest of the team as they help build another fantastic guild right here at Impact Gaming Community!  I know I say this about every guild (because I'm an optimist) but I know these guys will make something great here at home.  So tell your friends that we're recruiting for Wildstar and get them to fill out an application to the guild today!

I am looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people this game will draw.  Three cheers for Ald, Maylei and his officers, and everyone else that is making this guild a reality right here at IGC!


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