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An Old Friend Looks to Contribute! 


Last week I was hopping channels, like I do most nights, discussing various upcoming titles with some of our players.  I can't say I was surprised that Wildstar, the next big release for Carbine Studios, kept coming up in the conversation.  When I ended the night in our Everquest 2 channel (please, don't ask) to get some advice from an IGC old-timer, he agreed that Wildstar was a game IGC could not pass up on.

Last year we had hopes to bring in chapters for every "major" title in the pipe.  Guild Wars 2 was a given and our recruitment campaign for that game drew more traffic to our site than our previous campaigns for Final Fantasy XIV and Star Wars: The Old Republic combined.   The Secret World was also on our radar, as was Tera, but neither of these games successfully interested players within our community to step-up and build something here for the masses.  In retrospect it was probably for the best that those chapters never took flight, but one does always wonder what could have been, what kind of players we would have brought in, and how many of them would still be here playing other games with us.

What made Guild Wars 2 easy to bring to IGC was the fact that we had a Guild Leader and a Recruitment Officer willing to take charge from the start.  That pattern has proven to be our most successful formula when adding new guilds and contributing a positive prognosis for those guilds.  It's how Neutral Impact, Radiant Impact, and Violent Impact got off the ground.  It's why Tactical Impact and Dark Impact did not.

My old-timer recognized that and last night he told me he wanted to make sure Wildstar wouldn't go the way of the Dodo for IGC.  That old-timer is named Maylei (Professor Dood) and he has decided that he wants to be a big part of the upcoming guild.  Maylei has been here since day one, even before the founding of Impact Gaming, back when we were stilling running a phpbb3 forum at our url!  He understands what it takes to build a guild from the ground-up; the dedication, hard work, and talent required.  He has all these things and more.  That old-timer knows how to get shit done.

With that I want to officially announce that Maylei Flametail (Professor Dood) has been named Guild Leader of our Wildstar chapter until such time in which he dies or I find someone better (Roughneck-style)!  Congratulations to Maylei and  I expect he will have full support in bringing this game to our wonderful and active community. 

Good luck old-timer!  


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open