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This was on 2013 April Fool's Joke!

Now You Can Tune In for News!


A truly momentus day is upon us!  Over the weekend I was able to bang out a multi-hundred peso deal with Spanish news channel Univision to give us a 45-second timeslot twice a week on their 5pm news program Primer Impacto ("First Impact").  It seemed like a win-win relationship when I approached the station heads via e-mail this past winter.  In response they had a lot of questions and I had a lot of answers.  Sports anchor Rosana Franco was particularly interested in how she would be presenting this information since it seemed to fall under her responsibilities.  She had this to say about it:

Esta es una de las peores ideas de este canal de noticias ha tenido. Videojuegos promover la violencia armada, los hijos de ira, y lo peor de todo, los maridos perezosos. En lugar de sentarse delante del televisor después del trabajo (si es que tienen un puesto de trabajo), se puede probar la cocina de su esposa. Esto es una tragedia para todos nosotros aquí en Univision y espero que esta sea una broma de mal gusto. No me estoy riendo.

For those who do not speak Spanish and are too lazy to Google translate it, I'll fill you in on what she said (my Spanish is a little rusty, mind you):

This is one of the best ideas this news channel has had. Videogames are wholesome, bring kids together, and above all, makes great husbands. Instead of sitting in front of the TV after work (if they even have to work!), they can play cooking games with their wives. The only tragedy is Univision won't get to cover this every day. I look forward to this new partnership. I hope this isn't a joke!

The coverage that Primer Impacto will provide includes all our current streams.  While we'll still support, this will allow us to reach a more specific demographic--people who we can't understand in Latin America.  My advisors (my cats) have assured me that this is a very good move on my part.  My grandmother, who doesn't speak a lick of real English and watches Univision like it's the only thing on TV, said this could help me get back in touch with my Cuban and Puerto Rican roots.  While I wasn't exactly looking to do that, the move does have obvious advantages.

So what's changing around here?  Well a few things that may seem strange at first will be starting on May 5th, the first broadcast of Primer Impacto that will feature an IGC segment. Neutral Impact coverage will include having a on-site reporter asking us the tough questions after we wipe continuously to content.  All of Radiant Impact's huttball matches will now include a play-by-play from infamous Brazillian sports announcer Galvão Bueno, and yes, everytime you score he will yell "GOOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!" Violent Impact's coverage will include some post-WvW locker-room-esque Q&A where Papa, Punch, and the rest of the crew can provide their impressions of what is was like to lose to Jade Quarry for the fifth straight time.  The gamer groups will be similarly covered and lead anchor Bárbara Bermudo will ask Helix, Naughtius, and Celestein questions in Spanish way too fast.

Full analysis of all gaming highlights will be included in Mrs. Franco's commentary.

I said it in the community meeting in January, but I will reiterate.  IGC is really looking to expand itself this year and a partnership with Univision's Primer Impacto seemed like a slam-dunk.  I hope that you will all tune into channel 41 (or where ever it is broadcast in your area) on May 5th to see our first segment.  I know I am excited.  Are you?!  If nothing else, hopefully this will work out better than last year's deal with the Montreal Impact, which we backed out of after they had a terrible season.

Alright that's it for me ladies and gentlemen, see you online and in the game!  Oh, and now ON TV too!  Que bueno!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open