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February 2013 Update


There's certainly been a lot going on this year.  With the addition of two new chapters and a gamer groupwe've already seen our membership swell by about 30 members. Much of the recruiting effort has been coming from new leadership in place for these three new endeavors, but members have been active in bringing in members too!  Thus far we've given out about 10 Impact Points.  So what's it looking like right?  I'll tell ya!

Currently there is a two-way tie for First Place between Awesomebill4000 and Churchill.  Both members currently hold 3 Impact Points.  In second place is MajorFletch with 2 Impact Points.  Fletch just recently became the event coordinator for the League of Legends gamer group however so his points will remain at 2 unless he steps down or falls off the face of the earth (let's hope neither of those happen though)!  Tied in third place are Wulfgang and Franz, who have each received 1 Impact Point for recruiting a Friends & Family member for Neutral Impact.

Right now it's a really close race but in the coming months there will be more ways to earn Impact Points.  At this very moment, Zeymah Grohiik, Guild Leader for Ancient Impact, is devising a way to integrate earning IP into his events down the road.  Other guilds will be jumping on this bandwagon, I can sense it!

For those that haven't gotten in on this movement yet, get crackin'!  Earning Impact Points is a great way to earn rep in IGC and help your guild grow and flourish!  In the coming months I look forward to giving out more of these as members put in the time and effort to give something back to the community in a significant way.

I'll update you all again in a month's time.  Until then tell your friends to register and join one of our guilds or groups today!  What have you got to lose?  A shot at a sweet mouse, that's what!  See you all at the end of March!


Don't know what Project Impact is?  Check out this article for full details!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open