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New Leadership Announced!


Thaaaaat's right folks, we WILL indeed have an ArcheAge guild right here at your favorite gaming community of all time!  While we've already been working on all the fun stuff that goes into recruitment for the guild, and have even gathered a few members in the meantime (about a dozen), it occured to me that it was time to actually put people in place that will make the right decisions for this guild in the future.

We're still working on a name for the guild as well as deciding what colors we'll be painting on that new banner.  But who is gonna do all that hard work you ask?  I'll tell you who!  First, some history...

A few weeks ago we brought in a number of players for the guild.  Among them were two promising people that wanted to grab a hold of leadership here at IGC and contribute in a bigger way than your average member.  Over those few weeks I personally observed these players to be dedicated, strong-willed, and organized in many ways.  So we interviewed them this past Sunday.  A number of Guild Leaders/Masters got together to shoot questions their way in a group setting and listen to what they had to say.  I then took a few days to think about their answers and talk to others who have been interacting with those players since they joined.  I made my decisions last night (which was really all our decision!) and promoted the following players to these positions:


Prodigy.  Prodigy is a veteran MMO player.  He's spent time in many games in his career, including WoW, EVE, Rift, and SW:TOR.  His favorite gaming experiences took place on EVE and he speaks highly of the sandbox-theme he came to love because of his time there.  He feels that love will carry over to ArcheAge and I am confident it will after speaking with him.  Leadership seems to come naturally to him and his desire to take a handful of other players with him and lead the charge into battle is a passion I can feel when he talks about Player vs. Player.  As a result, he's been put into the PvP Officer position for ArcheAge and will be overseeing the organization of siege battles and instance PvP should the game offer it.  Congratulations to him!

RoyalRose.  Rose is a young, organized lady with a great head on her shoulders.  While she doesn't have the extensive leadership experience, she makes up for in drive to right the wrongs and make things run smooth.  Rose is a thinker and a problem-solver.  She is a "people person" and knows how to approach situations with tact.  Her organizational skills will serve her well here as she takes on the position of Guild Leader.  I fully expect her to bring her judgemental attitude to this guild and build a strong base around her.  Congratulations to her on this promotion!


Since the guild is just starting up and needs direction, Rose will spearhead of our ArcheAge group.  That said, all officers added to the guild prior to launch will work on equal ground, essentially establishing a leadership council that will convene regularly to work on delegated projects and get things done!  So if you see these guys on Teamspeak, pat them on the back and welcome them to IGC again.  Now that they're in positions to build something great here at IGC, they'll need all the support and encouragement they can get.  I'll personally be working alongside the team to ensure smooth transition and make sure things are on the right track.

So, now the ball is officially rolling on the guild.  Look forward to more polls and discussion threads.  If you're interested in joining our ArcheAge guild, you can send in a general application or PM myself, RoyalRose, and Prodigy to get your foot in the door.  As always, you can pop into our TS and ask all the questions you want.  Big things are happening here now that we've added this fifth chapter and you definitely don't want to miss out!


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