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The Moment You've Been Waiting For is Here!


For the past few months I've been mentioning this mysterious Project Impact.  I've also had quite a few people ask me what it was all about!  Over that time I've dropped a few hints here and there but nothing that could be pieced together with hearing all the clues.  Well, even then I'm not sure anyone could figure it out.  But enough of this!  Project Impact is here and you can read all about it right now!

Project Impact is a movement with the Impact Gaming Community to encourage members to bring their friends, family, and other new players into our ranks!  We like new members, and we know members like shiny things, so shiny things will be our prizes.  So, you're gonna earn points and the top three winners will get to pick a prize from an ever-growing list of awesome gamer goodies!

Wanna know more?  Of course you do!  Read on.

How it Works!

Members who refer new players to our community that are then voted in or otherwise become IGC members (Friends & Family rank included) will receive "Impact Points" (IP).  You can earn Impact Points in the following ways:

  • +1 for Each time you refer an applicant to our community (via application process)
  • +X for making a significant contribution to your guild (e.g. Member of the Month or other promotions done within your own guild; reward amount at leader's discretion)
  • +X for making a significant contribution to the community (e.g. referring a leader or officer)

Many other ways will be added as we go forward based on member involvement and interest!  

IP will be kept track of in a google document that will be available for everyone to see right in our Community menu.  At the end of each month, beginning in February, I will post the current leaders of Project Impact.  The top three players with the most IP by year's end will be the winners!

The Prizes

Three winners will be selected before the last day of the year.  All monies from our CafePress shop and from donations will go towards bringing you these great items.  I'll pay the difference out of my own pocket.  Blah blah blah Grey, so what do I win?  Check out this cool stuff below!


First Place (cash value: $75)** 

Second Place (cash value: $50)**

Third Place (cash value: $20)**


Excited yet?  Well you should be!  This is some really great stuff and I'd put my gold star on a lot of it just from having owned quite a few of these items myself.  Check out the rules and eligibility below for all the details and qualifications to join this great new initiative within IGC today!  Now for the "legal" stuff!

Rules & Eligibility

  • You must be a current member of an Official Chapter or Gamer Group to earn Impact Points.
  • Officers and Administrators are excluded from claiming prizes.  Authors, Editors, Publishers, or members of the podcast or streaming team are still eligible to win assuming they do not also an officer or administrator.
  • Members can only earn IP once from recruiting a member, so if they leave IGC and come back later, they still count as only member recruited.
  •  **Cash prizes cannot be substituted under any circumstances.  You can however suggest a different prize of similar value for winning.
  • All prizes are subject to availability.
  • Substitute prizes must still be a gaming-related accessory or peripheral item.  These substitutions must be approved upon choice of prize.  You can choose a prize of lesser value and receive the difference in either a Best Buy or Gamestop gift card, your choice.
  • The last day to earn IP will be the last day of the current year

The Final Word

OK so that's it!  Let's get this show on the road.  Get out there and help IGC grow and get rewarded for it too!  You'll feel better if you do, I promise (or at least you'll have something cool to show for it if you win, right?).  


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open