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Now We're TWO!


And we've earned it!  Our first year was incredibly interesting but these last 365 days have been full of as much fun and enjoyment as anyone could have hoped for.  Of course, it wouldn't be the real world if we didn't hit a few snags along the way, right?  So let's see what happened this year as we blow out our candles this time around!

Neutral Impact underwent some changes of the guard over the past year.  We've been through two recruitment officers since November.  That's not surprising to me though as I've always seen the Recruitment Officer position as a pseudo-Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher job.  While we were fumbling around looking for the right person for the job (which ended up being Shiu at the time), we took advantage of the server mergers to hop to a new server where we could grab at a larger EST playerbase.  As a result, NI performed superbly in the end game scene.  Two new raid leaders were put in place, Velera and Requiem, and they have certainly contributed to the shell's success.  Looking ahead, FFXIV is going offline in a few months, something none of us would have anticipated a year ago.  Before the end we have dominated all content and cleared everything put before us.

Violent Impact pulled a morphing act on all of us.  Last year they were still playing Rift at this time, but the guild took a break and many of the core members kept in touch right here on our website.  They brought back an interesting proposal; to maintain their guild tag and become a Guild Wars 2 guild when that game released.  The plan was set, the details were banged out, and a few weeks ago, it all went off without a hitch.  Naughtius led the guild for a few weeks before passing the torch to Papaj.  Ald, Maylei, and a few others from original VI came back to give the guild a real boost and show everyone how friendship and dedication can keep a guild together.  VI has since been on the forefront of the WvW scene in GW2 and belong to the Axis of Insurrection.  They're handling themselves quite well and are really off to a fantastic start!

Radiant Impact, our black sheep.  Where would we be without you!?  RI is probably our most time-tested guild at this point.  The leadership there has been unwavering in one very important aspect of the MMO world: never give up on the game you love.  These guys have seen so many members come and go at this point, but no matter what happens, be it bad patches, game-crippling bugs, poorly designed content, or playerbase ass-hattery, RI has withstood it all.  They have defeated nearly all the content the game has to offer and they are always wanting more.  Today they are under the leadership of Danthar, Ishalan, and a few others, but I want to make special mention of Elohim.  Elo is one of the original founding members of RI (one of only two left!) and he has been a real "glue player", as my girlfriend would say.  Your dedication to the game, the guild, and this community has set an example for members and leaders alike, and I am certain that you have been a major contributing factor in why RI is still with IGC today.  RI may not be our most active guild on the forums or this website in general, but they play and they play hard.  Just to have them here with us is a testament to how loyal a MMO player can really be in today's day and age.

Just yesterday we launched our first ever Podcast to commemorate this special anniversary for us.  In addition we'll be bringing in Gamer Groups, which officially introduces, for the first time ever, a way to become an IGC member without playing a full-time MMO.  There's much more in store in the coming months as well, but if you want to join us for MechWarrior Online, League of Legends, or Planetside 2, then register today and get started right here, right now!

I know I speak for all of us when I say that I hope IGC sees many, many more birthdays.  So raise a glass, sing a song, or do whatever you do to celebrate these kinds of ocassions!  Hip-hip Hooray for IGC!

I'll see you guys on TS, the forums, or in-game.  In the meantime, have a blast and be proud to be a member of the Impact Gaming Community!


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