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IGC News: Your World... well, maybe!


There is a TON of stuff going on in IGC right now and I wanted to take this time to recognize where all our hard work has gotten us.  Now, where to begin.. perhaps in reverse order!

Last night Naughtius stepped down as Guild Leader of Violent Impact (GW2) and Papaj took over.  I've been working with Papa since then, figuring out the direction he will be taking the guild and all that good stuff.  VI has jumped servers to Sea of Sorrows and tonight they're making their WvW debut there against, guess who, Dragonbrand!  Good luck to VI tonight and as they move forward!

That said, Naughtius is now homeless!  At least in the game world.  So what were we to do about that?  Well, Naughtius has been "promoted" (although he's probably sighing) to Assistant Community Manager.  In the past I've kinda considered all Guild Leaders ACMs but the reality of it has been they are so busy leading their guilds that it's tough for them to really contribute anything extra.  Naughtius knows the ins-and-outs of our site, our system, and is well-known throughout the community for being one charismatic bastard.  What's not to like?  So congratulations to him to that end.  I know he'll just do what he always does, regardless of the title next to his name!

Of course the man put himself to work right away, which also encouraged me to do something as well.  Naughtius is going to spend the next few days thinking about how to organize and integrate a Mechwarrior Online gamer group into the fold here at IGC.  Simultaneously I'll be doing the same, planning an outfit for Planetside 2.  A system-wide PM has already been sent out to gauge the interest in these games.  If we get the kind of response we like, a group will be formed and we'll be hitting up the 'net to find even more players for our growing community.  This marks a really big step for us as we'll be moving past MMORPGs and into the MMOFPS genre.  We'll need experienced players as well as a few noobs to round out our gamer groups for each game so if you're interested in being a part of either of these startups, drop me an email, message, or whatever and we'll get you setup in IGC fashion.

So, now for the BIG news right?  The one you've been waiting for and all that.  Well, here we go:


The IGC Podcast will debut on October 22 to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!  


That's right, we're gonna be TWO and that's a fantastic feeling for me.  It feels like just last year we were celebrating our first year.  Oh wait, we were.  Anyway, the finishing touches will be taking place next week as we bang out the format and do a little dress rehearsal.  We hope you guys will enjoy it and it will be available to all IGC members on that Sunday.  If we like what we hear, we'll post it up for all to take a listen and give us feedback!

Well, that's it!  Wow, that sure was a lot, and there's lots I didn't even talk about.  See you all next time for a follow-up edition of IGC News!


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open