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There sure is a lot of stuff mucking up the gutters in the video game industry these days.  In this episode we cover the launch of the Youtube Gaming (and what a mess it is), Konami's MGSV bootcamp and those lovely microtransactions they included in the game, and Steam's new perspective on boobies (maybe?).  There's been an update on that landfill of E.T. cartridges too!  Get all that, upcoming game releases, and a bunch of banter on this episode of the IGC Podcast!  

In this week's episode we chat about who came out on top of the Duke Nukem lawsuit, the impossible-to-beat Journey of Light game, the powerhouse that is EA's revenue stream, the potential future of equity crowdsourcing, Nintendo's patent for a disc-less console (hint: it looks like a PC), FFXIV, Destiny, new game releases, and a crapload more!

The IGC Podcast crew gathers 'round the mics tonight to talk about the news over the past couple of weeks.  We talk a little bit about Ubisoft and Konami to get the juices flowing, then move onto some Kickstarter failures.  We discuss our thoughts on the news that came out of Gamescom and wrap-up the show with announcements and upcoming releases as per usual!

The IGC Podcast crew covers all the bases over the past two weeks! We talk about John Smedley stepping down from Daybreak, the Street Fighter V payment model, that controversy between Derek Smart and CIG, and of course that just blows wide open into a debate about crowdfunding refund policies. Listen to the show to get the whole scoop on the news and our opinions on it all!

In this the 42nd episode of the IGC Podcast we cover the bland variety of news that has reached our ears over the past two weeks.  Today we chat about what John Smeldey thinks of those pesky Lizard Squad hackers, what's going on with Sega, and what the late Mr. Iwata thought about the direction of the gaming industry and where Nintendo fit into all of that.  The crew didn't agree with it all, but listen on for the full scoop!  We want to wish Mr. Iwata's family, and loyal Nintendo fans, all the best in this difficult transition as he passed just one night before our broadcast but the news was released during our stream.


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