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We're opening up 2016 with news from CES and other places where news comes from.  Yep, that means the internet.  Sort of.  In this episode we talk about how the Vive and Oculus did at CES, including price point discussion, and then move onto the usual fare.  We've been playing lots of games too so we won't count that out on this episode neither.  Welcome to 2016 folks.  Same stuff, different year.

This year was a great year in gaming and this episode proves it!  We cover the news and move right into our personal game awards.  We've got a lot of categories to cover but we think we were fair in every one of them.  We also decided to add a little competition for the upcoming year and will be presenting for your listening pleasure the IGC Video Game Fantasy Draft!  We each got seven picks and whoever scores the highest at the end of the year wins... something?  Nobody knows!  Nobody cares!  It's just fun.  Listen on for the full program.  It's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  Here comes the penultimate IGC Podcast of 2015!  In this episode we cover some game leaks, discuss our afterthoughts on The Game Awards, go over the Playstation Experience (and it's poor VR showing), bring you some lighter news, and end it all with announcements and releases as per usual!  Just in case you're wondering, yes, we are still talking about Fallout 4 and no, Seifer has not played MGS V yet.  Well dang, I guess I gave away the best reason to listen then didn't I... no matter, press PLAY anyway!

Just as planned!  The IGC Podcast Team held a special edition podcast session this past Thursday, talking over The Game Awards 2015.  The whole crew made it just in time to chat about what we were seeing right before our eyes.  Listen to hear our 25 minute preshow, followed by the two hour presentation, including musical guests, and our five minute outro discussion.  Check it out right here on the IGC Podcast! (NOTE: we highly recommend watching the video version of the podcast as it will make more sense!)

The Impact Gaming Community Podcast Team is rolling out its 52nd episode and it is not one to be missed.  This episode we talk about all the things Playstation is doing to keep up with the Jones's, address Nintendo's ebay store briefly, mention a patent becoming available, give our opinions on the early news from The Game Awards, and a then a whole bunch more stuff that you'll have to listen on to hear about.  Wow, that was a long sentence, wasn't it?  At least I can punctuate.  It's all about video games and it's all for you, for FREE.  Check it out now!


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