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The VR revolution continues to be a nightmare for early adopters but since we already used that title, it's time to talk about accepting our crappy VR future instead!  What else should you accept?  Microsoft's constant back-pedaling, now with more cross-play, a transgender NPC that does fit the lore, the fact that streaming video games actually makes developers money, and Rockstar's giant money vault thanks to GTA V.  I mean, you could totally reject all of these things but you'd be silly to do it.  Deal with it okay?  That and listen to the podcast.  It's good for you, kinda like a balanced breakfast but with more cursing and less milk.

On this week's episode we discuss the Oculus Rift's early adopters getting a taste of what their money was worth; but is it an appealing flavor? From there we take a dive deeper into what Playstation VR means for the future of the platform and perhaps even PC gaming.  We give ya a little about Valve, Dark Souls III, and the Final Fantasy XV extravaganza (I mean, what else would you call it?).  We talk about what we loved, what we hated from the past two weeks, and wrap it up by letting you know, factually, what's coming your way in video games before we grace you with our presence once more. 

With all the games that were shown off at or around GDC you'd think it was E3 this past week.  It makes a lot of sense though, what with VR coming out this year and all that.  On this episode we cover the lineups for Playstation VR, the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive.  Nintendo rumors are floating about suddenly XBOX cares about crossplay.  There's some mixed developer news to cover as well in addition to the upcoming games over the next two weeks and some updates on our Video Game Fantasy Draft.  All this and more right here on the IGC Podcast!

Well, well, another episode is in the books.  What did we cover?  Let's see.. the HTC Vive preorders are now up.  Microsoft feed us a buncha of "stuff" about Xbox one as a service or something, Nintendo themed park rides are in the making, and Activision is following EA in bowing out of E3 this year.  Palmer Lucky's not pulling any punches when it comes to Apple either.  It's been quite a couple of weeks in gaming I tell ya and we have a lot to say about it all.  Come one, come all.  Just listen already, will ya? 

Well there wasn't a lot of the nitty-gritty stuff these past couple of weeks, but there sure were a lot of tidbits.  Nintendo's continuing their marketing angle, Microsoft gives up on "exclusives" (we think...), the HTC vive gets a price-point, and SyFy wants to use the Oculus to show you Sci-Fi (this is how you actually spell it).  Get all the news, hear about upcoming releases, and get an update our on video game fantasy draft too!  We slosh right on through it all on this episode and tell you what we think, cuz that's what we do. 


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