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The crew tackles the least lame gaming news to come our ways in the past two weeks. The VR wars is in full swing while Nintendo and Activision are bringing the hammer down on the little guys. A couple of games launch with surprising scores (both good and bad), Bethesda disappoints PS4 users, and XBOX is up to no good. All this plus the upcoming games, some video production problems, and even some announcements that might pique your interest! Come check out the IGC podcast right here, right now. That means hit the play button. Just do it (can we say that? is that gonna get DMCA... whoops)

E3 has come and gone but we're feeling its effect everyday.  It was a pretty good show all told.  There was a plethora of games at each conference and we've got opinions on just about every single one of 'em.  Come sit down with us today as we bring you our thoughts on the conferences, the games we saw, VR happenings, and general trends.  There was a bit of news throughout the week, as there tends to be during E3, and we've got that covered as well.  If you missed the shows, that's okay because this is the place to hear all about it. Remember, if this is your first IGC podcast, you have to fight.

Awwwww yeah!  It's that time of year again.  That time when gaming developers and publishers alike can't hold it in long enough to reach the rest stop.  Are we there yet?  Almost!  Stop whining and just show off some trailers if you can't take it anymore!  Sorry, had a flash back for a sec there.  Anyhow E3 is almost here folks and with that we have rounded up all the rumors and are bringing them to you right here, right now, for your listening pleasure.  Be sure to check out our follow-up podcast next week where we'll see how wrong (or right) all those rumors really were.

Welcome back for another episode everybody!  We've got an expanded crew this time around which is sure to please.  This week we're gonna talk to you about the ups and downs of the Revive project, an effort being made to truly unify VR gaming.  We'll hit you with thoughts on Kojima's upcoming plans, the newest job openings at Zenimax, and sprinkle a little youtube drama on it.  We'll talk about what Microsoft's been up to and wrap it all up with announcements, debuts, show you some trailers, and bring you our video game draft updates!  Check out the video version of the podcast for the full experience!

What is up podcast listeners?  Have we got a great show for you today.  The start's a little rocky but once we get rolling in this episode we bring you to scoop on Valve's new game review system, talk a little about the Nintendo NX, and update you on Disney's latest moves in the gaming industry.  EA and Ubisoft predict a grim future, and Microsoft actually did want Fable Legends to succeed.  We wrap it all up with announcements, the upcoming games, and the scores of our 2016 video game fantasy draft!  Check us out on youtube, iTunes, or right on our site.  It's fun anyway you slice it people.


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