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Aaaaand we're back but it seems like the gaming industry hasn't had a lot to say. So we don't have a lot to say. We did however play some games that we'd like to share with you! As thin as the news cycle has been, there's still some stuff going on with Ubisoft, Oculus, and those Digital Homicide people. We bring you the best listing of PSVR games coming this week and our impressions on them. All in all I think we did an alright job, all things considered. Listen to the whole episode for maximum funsies.

We're still a-rockin' and a-rolling' in video game land! The crew discusses the thinnest news cycle yet after covering what has pleased us over the past two weeks. Microsoft makes some bold claims, Valve gets some news time, and Oculus has been busy. A bunch of upcoming games have piqued our interests and there were even some announcements worth discussion. All that and more on the only podcast you probably need to listen to.

We're back with another episode of the IGC podcast! On this week's episode we start off with what's been tickling our fancies over the past couple of weeks and move right into the news. The PS4 Pro was announced. What's that all about anyway? Interplay is looking to make some bank on their library of IPS, we discover wireless VR might be a possibility, and learn the unfortunate future of Bethesda mods on Playstation. All that, the newest announced games, and what's coming out just around the corner. We do it for you and we have a good time doing it.

What's up ladies and germs! The IGC Podcast returns this week with another episode to titillate your video game palate. This time around we're gonna be sharing our impressions on Planet Coaster, Deux Ex: Mankind Divided, and King of Fighters XIV! We move right into the news, bringing you all the latest on the No Man's Sky debacle, let you in on Square Enix's latest thought about video games, and update you on the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Playstation world. As always you'll get a heaping of the newest announced games and hear about all the upcoming releases over the next two weeks. Kick back with a drink and stay cool my friends. This one's for you.

We're back for another episode of the IGC Podcast! In this show we break down No Man's Sky, Telltale's Batman, and more. The PS4k reveal is just around the corner while XBOX is teaming up with a new streaming service. Gamescom is this week too and there's some newsworthy stuff to be briefed on. All this, minor announcements, and upcoming games coming your way in just two hours! Listen on gang.


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