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The weekly trio is joined by Papaj to go over our thoughts on the recent game awards and PSX shows. So many games revealed and so little time to chat about them but by The Maker, we manage to do it all, and in under two hours. I know, it kinda sells the pitch a bit short but hey, I'm just being honest. Listen on and enjoy my friends.

It's the Game Awards 2016 Special Edition Podcast! Keighley produces the content and we banter over it. It's pretty simple. There's a good 1h pre-show commentary followed by the show itself. We discuss the awards as they're doled out and talk about what is right and what's wrong about it all! Listen live right folks.

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Controversy! Controversy everywhere! Alright maybe just in Watch Dogs 2. On this episode we talk about all the big video games news over the past two weeks, like we do, with an emphasis on jiggly boobs, full-crafted genitals, and how to become a rockstar diva. Just when you thought you'd seen it all folks, the video game industry proves you wrong again. Check out our complete coverage and our very NSFW video version of the podcast while you're at it!

We're back with a smattering of video game news for you this week. Hello Games breaks the silence in an awkward way while Bethesda decided to take a poop on game reviewers. Phil Spencer give us his opinion on the current state of VR and Nintendo might be stopping production on the Wii-U. I guess it's worth mentioning that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is getting Windows Store refunds while Steam is banning bullshots on their storefront. All this and a lot more than you're anticipating! Listen for the full scoop on all the stories.

The Nintendo Switch has been announced and boy is there a lot to talk about! We chew on that topic for awhile and still manage to cover Rockstar's newest announcement and talk about what Valve is up to. In this news drought we cling to even the smallest droplets of news and talk about Fig's latest project, some PSVR titles, and a whole lot of other games. We'll tell you what's coming to thin your wallet over the next two weeks while we're at it too! All this and more on the IGC Podcast folks.


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