February is on its way in and with it comes a few things to talk about. Hey, Nioh is releasing. That's cool. We talk about that, Nintendo stuff, genital physics, and a smattering of game announcements. Don't re-read that by the way. You read "genital physics" right the first time. All that, updates to our video games draft, and our usual banter on the industry. Listen in for the whole scoop.


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Draft Updates

Aimonster: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone (83-W), Gravity Rush 2 (81)

Chocobro: No titles scored yet

Grey: Resident Evil 7 (85-W)

Papaj: Tales of Berseria (80)

Seifer: No titles scored yet

 "W" denotes Wildcard choice.


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