What's up ladies and germs! The IGC Podcast returns this week with another episode to titillate your video game palate. This time around we're gonna be sharing our impressions on Planet Coaster, Deux Ex: Mankind Divided, and King of Fighters XIV! We move right into the news, bringing you all the latest on the No Man's Sky debacle, let you in on Square Enix's latest thought about video games, and update you on the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Playstation world. As always you'll get a heaping of the newest announced games and hear about all the upcoming releases over the next two weeks. Kick back with a drink and stay cool my friends. This one's for you.


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Draft Updates

AIMonster: Street Fighter V (76), The Witness (87), Overwatch (91), Star Ocean (60), Zero Time Dilemma (81)

Grey: Adr1ft (60), Unravel (78), Mirror's Edge (72), Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (84)

CoreContingency: Firewatch (79), Ratchet & Clank (86), No Man's Sky (68)

Papaj: Star Fox Zero (69), Uncharted 4 (93), Mass Effect: Andromeda (0)

Seifer: Ashes of Singularity (69), Far Cry Primal (76), Dark Souls III (89), XCOM 2 (88), DOOM (86), Total War: Warhammer (86)


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