What is up podcast listeners?  Have we got a great show for you today.  The start's a little rocky but once we get rolling in this episode we bring you to scoop on Valve's new game review system, talk a little about the Nintendo NX, and update you on Disney's latest moves in the gaming industry.  EA and Ubisoft predict a grim future, and Microsoft actually did want Fable Legends to succeed.  We wrap it all up with announcements, the upcoming games, and the scores of our 2016 video game fantasy draft!  Check us out on youtube, iTunes, or right on our site.  It's fun anyway you slice it people.


Listen here for the full program!


Draft Updates

AIMonster: Street Fighter V (76), The Witness (87)

Grey: Adr1ft (66), Unravel (78)

CoreContingency: Firewatch (79), Ratchet & Clank (86)

Papaj: Star Fox Zero (69), Uncharted 4 (93), Mass Effect: Andromeda (0)

Seifer: Ashes of Singularity (68), Dark Souls III (88), XCOM 2 (88), DOOM (TBD)


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