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Yak's Bend will be our starting point for this weekend's beta play. It's hard not to fall in love with a server named after a location with such rich history. Sit back and pay attention now as I indulge you all in the lore and legend of the fondly remembered Yak's bend.

So called because of the numerous yak herds that rove throughout the area, Yak's Bend is the last refuge for travelers who are about to undertake the rough passage through the Shiverpeaks. Because of its lower altitude, the weather here is somewhat less harsh, providing a place to rest, regroup, and re-equip.

That's...that's pretty much it. Look, I never implied it was a particularly long lesson. We'll be joining players from Yogcast, GW2 Guru, GameTrailers, some Reddit Alts (I don't know who gathered this intelligence, but it is speculative at best and I'm guessing alcohol was involved), and any other players who wish to pay homage to the rich and whimsical history of Yak's Bend.



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