Tabletop gaming will debut once again in IGC starting the week of September 2014!  Those interested in getting involved with the gamer group can PM "Bast" on our forums and let him know you want to get involved.

There will be two campaigns running concurrently.  The first will be a 3-month arc campaign for players looking to commit to a long-term campaign.  The other will be short one-or-two night campaigns.  Bast will accommodate players of all skills levels and there will be an emphasis on fun rather than rules!

So if you're a veteran to the pen-and-paper RPG or just looking to get involved, you can do that right here in IGC starting in September!

I hope to see this group really take off and establish a foothold in the RPG world for our community.  Don't be shy and contact us today if you want to be a part of something that will surely be magical.

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TT Events

Sat Apr 29 @ 4:00PM - 06:00PM
Tabletop Simulator - Kill Doctor Lucky
Sat Apr 29 @ 9:00PM -
D&D - Drachen Fall Session 18

TT Leadership

Tabletop Masters

AIMonster (Tabletop Simulator)

Athrin (Dungeon Master)

JazFireforge (Dungeon Master)


Grey Jorildyn

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