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Goals: Have fun playing tabletop games!
Timezones: North American (EST, CST, MST, PST)
We utilize Tabletop Simulator, Teamspeak and stream on Twitch!

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Saturday at 7:00 PM EST / Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST

Well it was about that time again so we did the do and said the dirty words many, many times. Come watch us play this old-time favorite and see what kind of bullsh*t we come up with this time. Oh, and if cursing offends your delicate sensibilities, you should probably pass on this one!

Tonight we checked out the Kickstarter-funded game Horizons. It's got a bit of everything to it, taking concepts from deckbuilders to space exploration and colonization games, and resource managers . Essentially it's a "3X" game, so no extermination here! Five players vie for control and dominance among the stars, spreading energy and ore collectors as well as colonies throughout the galaxy. Who will earn the most victory points and take it all home..

Jroo joins us for his first game as part of Random Impact! Thankfully he brought with him some die-rolling luck. The same can't be sad for all. In Subterra we're all explorers trying to find the exit to this cave before the batteries on our flash lights run out! Will we reach the surface in time? Will we succumb to the fear of darkness, our bodies never to be found? Maybe a little bit of both? Watch on for the full play through on this episode.

This might be the best deckbuilder we've played in awhile. Clank! is a game where four adventurers decide to go spelunking into an old castle full of peril and one giant dragon! Goblins are everywhere, treasure lies about, and magical items await discovery. Will our adventures take the easy road or explore deep to find more valuable treasures? Check out this episode to see what's in store for our heroes!

Let's check out this game called Not Alone! It's an asymmetrical role-playing game where one player is a monster and the rest of us are being hunted. We played two quick games of this one and it was a fun challenge to try and avoid the monster. There is a lot of strategy to this one so check it out and see how we fared!


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