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Goals: Have fun playing tabletop games!
Timezones: North American (EST, CST, MST, PST)
We utilize Tabletop Simulator, Teamspeak and stream on Twitch!

Our schedule

Saturday at 7:00 PM EST / Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST

Trapped! Several survivors, one monster. Who will get out alive and who will get eaten. You may think you're not alone, but you are...

Spyfall, a game of deception and funny questions. Find out who the spies are and where they are or who the double-agent is! There's a traitor in your midst folks. Find out who it is before it's too late.

Howdy pard'ner! How'd you like to round up some outlaws and keel 'em? Maybe be a Renegade and nail the sheriff? Maybe you could be mah deputeh and round-up some scoundruls? Yee-haw let's get some bullets and do it!

You like pandas? How about farming? Maybe just bamboo? OK just watch this video either way.

Snake Oil is a hellafun game where you play a customer or a salesman trying to pitch a made-up item to a customer (the judge for the round). Best item wins. Comedy keeps spirits high and a good persuasive argument wins the day every time.


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