Are you a new player looking to learn the lay of the land?

Are you a veteran who is looking for fellow hunters to hunt tempered Elder Dragons?

Are you a fan of the series who is just looking for a place to geek-out with fellow hunters?

Well look no further! Primal Impact is the newest addition to the ever-growing Impact Gaming Community and we are opening our doors to players of Monster Hunter World!

Primal Impact is looking to increase it’s ranks right now. Our goals are to create an inclusive community of hunters of varying skill levels to: Discuss Builds Farm Hunts ...and ultimately slay internet wyverns together!

We currently have several members that are passionate about the #1 selling Capcom series who are active most nights and are ready and willing to take down any beast.

Impact Gaming is a Discord based community that houses chapters of FFXIV, D&D, Destiny 2, Tabletop Simulator and more.

Think you’re ready to join us? Apply now!

We are looking forward to meeting new hunters out in the field. Maybe you’re next!


PI Leadership

Hunt Leader