Game Night

The IGC Game Night is all about having fun playing random multiplayer games!  Everyone in the community is invited to take part in these events, which happen on our off-nights when not raiding or doing anything too special.  Check it out to see all the fun we have outside our comfort zones here at IGC!

IGC's Friday Night Game Club tackles a little Left 4 Dead 2! Grey streams (and he is terrible!) while CoreContingency, AIMonster, and Papaj actually try to kill bad guys. The map is Journey to Splash Mountain and boy was it quite a ride.

We tackled Artemis Bridge Simulator for our Game Night this evening. It was a lot of fun! Captain Naughtius leads Helmsman Papaj, Weapons Officer AIMonster, and Science and Comms Officer Grey into epic space battles with a smattering of delivery missions.  Did we blow up the Kraliens or meet our doom at the hands of a ruthless opponent?  Watch and find out!


Guild Servers

  Neutral Impact Hyperion