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Round 1: Janky VS Prim
@Jankyjank (11 votes - winner)
@Primary (4 votes)
Round 2: KnightBugg VS CuteRoostuh
@KnightBugg (11 votes - winner)
@Roostuh (6 votes)
Round 3: Benjammin Danklin VS Ezjuri
@Benjamin Danklin (6 votes)
@Ezjuri (8 votes - winner)
Round 4: Daveed VS Random
@Daveed (12 votes - winner)
@Random (6 votes)
Round 5: Rocky VS Dmister
@Rocknryan55 (6 votes - winner)
@DMister (3 votes)
Round 6: Fairylights VS SpectreBugg
@fairylights (8 votes - winner)
@SpectreBugg (4 votes)
Now you've seen ALL the shots! This is what the bracket looked like after the first round of brackets
Quarterfinal Results
@Jankyjank(9 votes - winner) VS @KnightBugg (3 votes) > @Jankyjank moves on!
@Rocknryan55 (7 votes) VS @Ezjuri (10 votes - winner) > @Ezjuri moves on!
Semifinal Results
@Jankyjank (5 votes) VS @Daveed (10 votes - winner) > @Daveed moves on!
@Ezjuri (5 votes) VS @fairylights (8 votes - winner) > @fairylights moves on!
Final Results
@Daveed (8 votes) VS @fairylights (8 votes) > @fairylights wins the contest!
Congratulations to @fairylights for winning on account of having more votes throughout the contest!


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Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open
Leveled Impact (WoW: Classic) Open