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Saving Earth One Dead Zombie at a Time


This past week I sat down with Churchill, Bjornsin, and Waraji, a few of our regular DayZ players, to ask them about their interest in DayZ.  I decided to spin our little interview into IGC's newest Game Spotlight!  Let's get started!


Grey: Out of all the shooters out there, why DayZ?

Churchill: It's not really a shooter.  It's kinda like survival horror, scary-type game.  You either fear the zombies or you fear the players. On most of the servers, it's everyone killing everyone on sight.

Bjornsin: That's why I like it, yeah.  It's shooting mechanics, but it's not a shooter.  You have to learn how to do everything.  It's a fairly complicated game to get down the controls.

C: It's based on Arma II, which is a strategy shooter.  It's not a guns-blazing, call of duty.  It's not Battlefield.  Battlefield is more about the shooting aspect.  Arma is mainly managing different ammunition in your kit, bandaging yourself, and being super-realistic.


G: So if I have it right, the shooter part takes a backseat to all the other elements you guys really like.

C: well we like the shooting part.  there's a lot of other elements that become more of a priority.  You've gotta sneak around; there's stealth elements to it. You're on a huge map.

B: Yeah it can take multiple hours to get across a single map.

C: You gotta use camouflage and terrain to your advantage to mask your movements.Right, there's a lot of open space that you can be careless in.  You can run into people there. There's a lot of cities.  You gotta use camouflage and terrain to your advantage to mask your movements.  There are limited resources too, like vehicles, weapons, and supplies, at least until you get yourself set up.  And even then, you can get it all stolen.


G: It sounds like there's a lot of stuff you guys really like about this game.  What is your favorite element of the game?  You know the ONE that makes you wanna play DayZ over all the others?

C: Making people rage quit!

B: Sitting in the same place for hours all night and getting that one snipe off, that one kill.  It feels really satisfying when you pull it off.


G: So in a game like this, less is more?

B: I guess it's different for everybody. Yeah, I dunno.  I like killing zombies and I like killing people, but I like killing people more. It's nice to be able to take somebody out, show them you're better than them.

Waraji: You're being hunted.The rush.  You're being hunted.

C: The map is so big, most of the time you just see zombies and trees, but sometimes you see a player.  When you see a player, man, it's time to unload.

B: My favorite time is when you follow them for 5 or 10 minutes.

C: You gotta make your shots count.  As soon as you shoot, zombies and players are gonna be on you.  You gotta be on the move.


G: One thing I've noticed is DayZ has been around for awhile, and the standalone is around the corner, but within IGC you guys have only started organizing to play regularly in the past week.

C: I just got it, Bjorn played it all last summer.  Waraji plays, Punch and Shivan play.

W: I've been playing for about a year.

G: So there's like 5 or 6 people that play with some sort of regularity.

C: Yeah, it's not really fun to play solo either.


G: For you guys, what's your ideal group size?

C: It depends on the server.  If you're on a bigger server, you want a bigger group. It's gonna take longer to get geared up obviously, but you definitely want enough people to cover all your bases.  On a server with 20-30 people, six guys is plenty.  On the server we're on now we've got enough stuff stockpiled that if we got enough people on we could wreak some havoc.  Although we've had some setbacks lately...

B: On the server we're on now we've got enough stuff stockpiled that if we got enough people on we could wreak some havoc.There were some hackers that came in and took our stuff.

C: Right, prior to yesterday we had enough weapons, ammo, food, to gear up like 15 people with good stuff.  Multiple snipers, machine guns, snipers.  We had like five helicopters.  Two of 'em got shot down and one of our trucks was stolen and our base was found.  We've moved our base and we're much farther back now than we were.

B: It's not rage-quit-worthy stuff.  The first rule for DayZ is you can't let it get to ya.  [If you do] You'll quit in like the first five minutes.


G: With everything you guys have said, this game sounds like a survival simulator.

C: Yeah, except there's no "help each other out" aspect, which is what they're trying to address in the standalone.  The problem with the zombies in this build for example is that the zombies are really hard to deal with.  In the standalone they're gonna be tougher but easier to deal with.  So they wanna make it so you're just as afraid of the zombies as a guy with a sniper rifle.

B: I was reading earlier today, looking at the standalone, they were confirming some features where you would have to rely on other people.  Like for blood transfusions.  They're gonna have some sort of trading system where you can easily team up and lead to less stand-off'ish areas.


G: It seems like you guys have a pretty good system going on.  That said, are you guys looking to bring in more people?

C: Yes, but you can't really recruit in the game.  You never know who you can trust

B: The only way I would trust someone with the gear is if they went through IGC and joined specifically for the group.The only way I would trust someone with the gear is if they went through IGC and joined specifically for the group.  Otherwise you can't just bring someone in.

W: Or if you have been playing with some people already.

B: You could do it with Steam friends.  That's the second rule--you don't trust anyone.


G: Yeah, I can see where you guys are coming from.  How often do you guys play for lengthy periods of time?

B: In the last three days I put in almost forty hours.  The other night we pulled an all-nighter, like literally

C: That's when Punch was playing.

B: But going back to the ideal size question, when it comes to our server, it'd be nice to have up to 4 to 6 or 7 people on all the time.

C: It helps out in multiple ways.  If you're out trying to kill people, it's good to have people to cover, you know, different angles.  You'll also have the ability to branch out and go multiple different directions at once to get supplies and come back, instead of having to go to seven different cities by yourself. 

B: Or keep someone operating the helicopter all the time.

C: Yeah which is something I wish we could do.


G: Sounds to me like it would be a lot more fun if you had a few more people consistently playing.

B: But, the nice thing is if we're down to 2-3 people, you can do a lot with a small team.  The game is really fun, I wish we had a few more people.


G: Alright guys, I guess we'll see what we can do about that.  I wanna thank you guys for your time.  I really appreciate it!

B: No problem.

C: Yep, thanks.


And there you have it folks!  I hope these guys have been able to shed some light on our newest Gamer Group!  As you read they're looking for more but they're keeping things close to the vest.  

So join IGC to join Church, Bjorn, Waraji, and everyone else in your next survival simulator, DayZ.  Think you've got what it takes? 

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