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Little Green Men Invade IGC


Let me be the first to admit that I am the worst candidate to write this post.  Firstly I don't even play this game.  Second I don't want to play this game.  That said, it intrigues me to no end.  There has to be something about it that interests all those players.  That's what I tell myself every day anyway.

Before I get into what I want to say, I feel I have to give credit where credit is due.  I blame Naughtius.  

For everything.  

Now that that's out of the way I want to also give thanks to Velera and Seifer for streaming this game almost daily (Vel especially) and exposing our Twitch followers to a special slice of our community.

Kerbal Space Program is pretty simple (and you'll find it's very complex too).  You build stuff and send it off into space.  It's total sandbox.  You can make pretty much whatever you can imagine as I understand it and then you try to launch it.  Sometimes your ship works, sometimes it blows up!  The guys have been posting screenshots of their accomplishments in a thread dedicated to the game and I have to say I have been impressed with what I've seen.  I know very little about the actual game (if you couldn't already tell) but what I do know is that it has brought days (weeks?) worth of enjoyment to a handful of our players and that's pretty cool.  Here's hoping they add multiplayer in the future so they can have space battles.  The makings of a Gamer Group are already there as it is!

That's pretty much all I wanted to say.  Thank you Kerbal Space Program for captivating a small audience here and being cool enough that people want to watch our players stream this!  

Oh, and for those wanting to join our merry band of space marauders and build some fancy ships of their own, Kerbal Space Program is available on Steam for $22.99 USD and is part of the early access program.  That means the price will go up over time.  Surely that's a steal!

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