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  • IGC Podcast #86 - Git Gud, They Said

    This week we're all caught up on Mass Effect: Andromeda! It's been a big year of releases so far with many more to come. We're gonna talk about the news, announcements and debuts, and tell you what games are coming so you can salivate over them, and update you on our fantasy draft. Check it out now. or something.

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  • IGC Podcast #85 - Let's Switch It Up

    The Nintendo Switch has arrived and boy has it been a rocky launch. Nintendo fanboys don't seemed phased however. In any case we're going to review all the details of the launch and then talk about things other than the Switch. You know, like the upcoming release, our fantasy draft, and any other news you may missed among the sea of Nintendo articles. Don't worry, we got your covered.

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  • Tabletop Afternoon 3.4.17 - Secret Palpatine

    This week's game features a Star Wars themed variant of the extremely popular (on Tabletop Simulator) Secret Hitler, called Secret Palpatine.  Will the Separatists be able to outsmart and deceive the Loyalists and install a new Dark Lord of the Sith?  Will someone finally assassinate Jar Jar Binks and save the galaxy from his terror?  This is definitely the video you are looking for!  *Jedi Mind Trick* 

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  • Overwatch is Back!

    That's right! Time to get your Overwatch back on!

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Game Night - Sat Oct 22@ 9PM EDT - Pirate's Cove

5 months 1 week ago #1 by Grey Jorildyn
Next game up: Pirate's Cove
Max Players: 5
Time: 1-2 hours

Legendary home of lore and plunder… hideaway of pirates and buccaneers…
Pirate’s Cove haunts the hearts and minds of every young lad who yearns
for a life at sea. Starting with a modestly outfitted sloop salvaged from last
winter’s storm, you set sail to Pirate’s Cove one early morning, your eyes filled with
visions of treasure and fame, your lungs filled with the salty air of the High Seas.

Check out the rules here: Rules

Read those, and check out this videos to gain a better understanding of the game.

Please post below if you're interested in playing on Saturday night!
5 months 1 week ago #2 by wintertide
I should hopefully be able to make it.
5 months 6 days ago #3 by Grey Jorildyn
Sorry we had to cancel last night guys! My internet was crapping out due to a rain storm in my area. We will be back next Saturday with a different game!
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