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  • Return to Waterdeep (Lords of Waterdeep)

    Faerun just isn't the same without us! Tonight we return to Waterdeep to see which Lord will rule the city. After 8 rounds of schemes and corruption we tally it up and see who prevails. Come watch this super-fun game of intrigue.

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  • Return to the Mansion (Elder Sign)

    We are back after the Thanksgiving Holiday break and ready to play! We dive into the mansion of horror twice more. Here's two games of Elder Sign back-to-back for your viewing pleasure. First game is against Hastur and the second, Yog Sothoth. Watch as we struggle, whine, generally feels unpleasant, but have a good time anyway. Elder Sign is where it's at!

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  • Make Shinies, Get Bitches ("Kobolds")

    Tonight we give "Kobolds" a try. This is a competitive game where you place kobold minions inside mines to try and collect the most shinies possible. Some kobolds have special powers while others just show up for loot. You can try to do your own thing or engage directly in battle with the competition, but make no mistake, eventually you will get raided! This is a really cool game. Check it out!

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  • Who's got Balls of Steel? (Cash 'n Guns)

    Gangsters everywhere! Tonight we played Cash N Guns a game where mob bosses tell people who to shoot, other people out of the way, and those with balls of steel get the loot. This is a fun take-a-chance game with shallow but interesting strategy. Watch as we rough each other up and vie for the big loot! Who's gonna get da cement shooz? Keep yer eyes peeled.

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The Rules that Aren't in the PHB

1 year 8 months ago #1 by Azil_DnD
Azil_DnD created the topic: The Rules that Aren't in the PHB
Hello IGC!

What follows are my own personal table rules that are the backbone of conduct when I run games. Everyone should take a look at these, especially if you're interested in joining the campaign. I can't wait to hear any character ideas you all might have for me, or just ideas for things that I can throw at these players. Thanks for taking the time to read these, and I'll see you at the table.

  • Have Fun
  • This is our main goal here. Have Fun! Keep the atmosphere light hearted when out of character, when in character, lets work to tell the story in the best way possible. Lets have as much fun as possible along the way

  • Be Creative
  • My rule for my games is for my players to be creative. I'm going to throw some decently complicated challenges at you. I expect you to find creative uses for your spells. My rule when I'm in doubt of you doing something is always going to be "Sure, why not?" unless the action you would like to take is utterly impossible within the confines of the action that you have chosen.

  • Be Respectful.
  • Be Respectful to your fellow players and to myself. Don't make fun of the way someone chooses to RP their character. It is after all their character. If something is out of line I will address in private with the player in question.

  • Optimize, don't Metagame
  • Seriously, do not metagame me. Metagaming is defined as "an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of." You can make the requisite checks in game and try and get the information you want, but consulting the Monster Manual, and then preparing accordingly to the threat, is probably not the best course of action. Just don't do it, It makes the campaign much less fun for me.

  • Role Playing
  • I don't require extensive amounts of character voices or anything like that. You can simply say "Raydal goes to check the door, and says "It looks locked." If you aren't comfortable Role Playing, don't worry you don't have to, but don't be afraid to try new things. My tables are a judgement free zone!

  • Campaign Difficulty
  • I run my campaign encounters to the side of Hard / Deadly. This generally goes for boss fights. That doesn't mean that I won't place trap rooms, skill checks, and any thing else I can think of to throw at you in your path. Be wary, you will have to think quickly, so know your characters skills, abilities, and spells. Use them approiately and you may just well live to adventure another day.

  • I'm not trying to kill you
  • Really, I'll fudge a die roll, write in divine intervention, or have a magical force whisk you out of where you were and put you on a new quest line before I wipe the party. Remember that the risks will be worth the rewards. A character might die, but there are ways for them to be resurrected, don't fret too much. If you're worried keep a back up character in the wings.

  • The world is your Oyster
  • Really, do what you want in the world, but remember that the world is persistent. While you're out searching that cavern for sick loot, the target of your next assassination contract could very well be moving half way across the continent. The world is always changing. Keep that in mind as you make your decisions.

  • Your Characters matter.
  • The decisions your characters make, how they interact with NPC's, and their own back stories will eventually catch up to them. Make choices in line with your characters line of thought. If you have unhandled business, your character will eventually get to it. Trust me, I have as much fun writing this stuff as you will playing it.

  • Experience and Loot
  • Loot is divided by the party, but generally give it to who it's best for. That's up to all of you. Experience is awarded as tasks get done. Encounters factor in, but if you just got halfway through your quest for the underdark, fought a bulette, killed duergar and intellect devourers, and then negotiated the release of the person you were looking for, you're probably gonna level up. I'll level you guys up as quickly as possible, for the first 5 levels. The less spider encounters I have to have you all roll initative, the easier that my life is made.

  • Homebrew
  • We can discuss any homebrew you would like. Bring it to me, I'll take a look at it, make some tweaks to it if necessary, and we can see how it works. After all, my rule is "Sure, why not?"
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    1 year 8 months ago #2 by Grey
    Grey replied the topic: The Rules that Aren't in the PHB
    Love it! Sounds to me like everyone will fit into anything you run.
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