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  • Tabletop Game Night 8.10.17 - Tyrants of the Underdark

    This evening we had a blast playing Tyrants of the Underdark, a relatively new game blending some old concepts together. TotU is an area control and deckbuilder game in one and we felt it does both pretty well! Wintertide had the most experience with this one but Moose had also played a number of games. Watch as the noobs battle the experienced in this single game of Tyrants. Who will win? You'll probably never guess...

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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 8.5.17 - Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia

    This may very well be the longest episode of Tabletop ever. The game is Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia. The players are ready, sword, bow, or ...whatever else, in hand. We're gonna explore this dungeon, kill some bad guys, mess with each other a little bit, and hopefully it will all be over soon for someone. Watch as we do all those things including some late-game clutch play by Grey.

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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 7.29.17 - Catan

    This Saturday afternoon's game was Catan (formerly known at Settlers of Catan). Jbot, Cappi, AIMonster, Grey, and Wintertide duke it out for the title of Supreme Leader of the Sheep. Watch as Ore exchanges hands for almost nothing and wood becomes the commodity to control! All of this and even some cussing on this episode of IGC Gamerternoon!

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  • Tabletop Game Night 7.27.17 - Cosmic Encounter

    IGC's Random Impact gamer group takes to space for epic battles of the third kind. Six members of the group each pilot a different and mysterious alien race with a unique power. Some of our powers are downright ridiculous too! Watch how this game of serious diplomacy, high-powered hi-jinks, and crazy encounters unfolds right here on IGC Tabletop.

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D&D 5th Edition Resources

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D&D 5E Dungeon Masters Guide[/u]
Dungeon Masters Guide

D&D 5E Players Handbook
Players Handbook

D&D 5E The Monsters of Your Own Nightmare
Monster Manual

D&D 5e The Book of Elemental Evil
The Book of Elemental Evil

D&D 5E Play Game Now
Player's Basic Rules
Dungeon Master's Basic Rules

Full directory list: Click me


Disclaimer: Some of these docs are large (~80MB), and may not load instantly.

Character Sheets: - ForgedAnvil, a nice spreadsheet based character sheet. Makes it easy to track your character over the course of your game. - Simple and good for established character tracking - More complicated, but very complete. Good for building, equipping, and tracking a character.
Forged Anvil Character Stuff
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Added the links for The Book of Elemental Evil, and The Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide. These are allowed in my campaigns in full!
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