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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 5.20.17 - Maximum Apocalypse

    Random Impact (new group name!) checks out the Kickstarter'd game Maximum Impact! In this one you choose your own adventure, layout a tile map, and try to complete the objectives. There's so much potential in this game. It's still in testing but we had a blast with it. There's two games to see here. Enjoy!

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  • IGC Podcast #90 - No More Zombies Please

    Our post-Mother's Day special has hit the internet finally! EA is back to their old ways while Sega is trying to change theirs. SE parts ways with IO for some odd reason and a Neir mod-maker has a little something to say to all those pirates out there. This, a plethora of announcements, and a long list of upcoming games all right here on the IGC Podcast.

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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 5.13.15 - Red Dragon Inn (Revisited)

    Grey and the gang gather 'round the square table for a fun-filled game of Red Dragon Inn. We're playing characters from several different expansions in this afternoon's game and it really adds spice to the game! Phrenk the troll is brewing up some potions while The Drunken Master's powers surges with every drink! Check out our video to see who managed to drink everyone else under the table!

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  • IGC Podcast #89 - Just the Two Of Us

    AIMonster and Grey anchor this episode of the podcast. They're holding it down and keeping it real, son.. or something like that anyway. Swatting is a problem and needs to stop. A SNES Classic might be on the way for the holidays. A bunch of new games are coming our way over the next few months and there's a few we really want you to know about. We wrap it up with the upcoming titles and review our video game draft scores. Listen now or prepare to meet your doom.

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2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #1 by Ald
Ald created the topic: Overwatch
This should probably go in FPS/RTS but since Destiny is here. Say hello to Blizzards new IP and probably what Titan was going to be. Not a fan of shooters myself but people seem to like em.

Main site:

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2 years 6 months ago #2 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Overwatch
wow very cool and something to talk about on the podcast too. Looks great, just wonder about the balance of course :p
2 years 6 months ago #3 by Bjornsin
Bjornsin replied the topic: Overwatch
Actually looks pretty damn awesome, better than HOTS
2 years 6 months ago #4 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Overwatch
Looks neat, mix between FPS and MOBA like Smite it seems, except more Shooter and faster paced than Smite. Only issue I have is the art style might be a bit too colorful for a fast paced shooter (SEIZURE TIME!!!). Plus classes that melee splash in 360 cones like what was shown with the Reaper (and was that stealth too?) tend to be pretty ridiculous since it's hard to avoid getting caught in that.
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2 years 6 months ago #5 by Jintu
Jintu replied the topic: Overwatch
lol at the security guard being oblivious and playing hearthstone in that cinematic trailer
2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #6 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Overwatch
If that cinematic trailer didn't have a title, i would have thought it was the upcoming Incredibles 2 movie. Pixar animation style and all.
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