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  • Tabletop Game Night 10.12.17 - Horizons

    Tonight we checked out the Kickstarter-funded game Horizons. It's got a bit of everything to it, taking concepts from deckbuilders to space exploration and colonization games, and resource managers . Essentially it's a "3X" game, so no extermination here! Five players vie for control and dominance among the stars, spreading energy and ore collectors as well as colonies throughout the galaxy. Who will earn the most victory points and take it all home..

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  • ♫ Moving On Up to The East Side ♫

    Neutral Impact recently moved our guild house from Uldah to Shirogane and today we have finished the Castle glamour for our new home!  Thanks to Brac, Kiwi, Selef, and Bigwolf for helping out in the Company Workshop!

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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 10.7.17 - Subterra

    Jroo joins us for his first game as part of Random Impact! Thankfully he brought with him some die-rolling luck. The same can't be sad for all. In Subterra we're all explorers trying to find the exit to this cave before the batteries on our flash lights run out! Will we reach the surface in time? Will we succumb to the fear of darkness, our bodies never to be found? Maybe a little bit of both? Watch on for the full play through on this episode.

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  • Neo-Exdeath got Deathed

    On 9-27-17 Raid Team Clam finally defeated Exdeath and saved the Crystal president from the shattering terrorists or something.  Grats Witch on Genji Katana, Kiwi on Genji Chakrams, and Ashe on DRG body!  Looking forward to the new challenges patch 4.1 and beyond will offer us!

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3 years 3 weeks ago #11 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Destiny
Treasure cave 2.0, still has the 6 second spawn for w/e reason.

3 years 3 weeks ago #12 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Destiny
Patch 1.02 Preview. Turn in your saved Legendary engrams!

The 1.0.2 patch will go live next week, and includes several changes to the Cryptarch and Engram experience. These changes guarantee that Engrams will always decode into items at or above the quality of an engram.

Only Engrams that drop after 1.0.2 are subject to this change.

Cryptarch Changes 
Cayde-6 took the Cryptarch aside and showed him a sack of doorknobs. He decoded that mystery pretty quickly.

Legendary Engrams will always produce Legendary or better quality items, including Materials or Exotics
Rare Engrams will always produce Rare or better quality items
Rare engrams will have an increased chance to produce Legendary quality items

Activity Changes

Daily Heroics, Weekly Heroics, and Vanguard: Tiger Playlist activities will include Rare and Legendary Engrams in addition to their existing rewards

Item Changes

Ascendant materials have been promoted to Legendary to closer associate them with the gear they are used to upgrade
Legendary Engram items that exist in your inventory will be demoted to Rare quality when the patch goes live, so decode them while you can. But let’s be honest--even if you don’t, we all know they were blues already...

3 years 3 weeks ago - 3 years 3 weeks ago #13 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Destiny
Wow, I tried PvP for the first time. It's a total shit fest. An Exotic Hand Cannon takes over 5 seconds to kill someone. People are using Auto Rifles that nearly kill you instantly and shotguns that one shot you. I played against over 50 different players in different PvP modes in about 4 hours and only saw two people using weapons other than Auto Rifles (for primaries). I don't understand how this shit could have past quality control. Worst PvP I've seen in my life. Matched me up against 2 full premades with all PUGs. I threw my headphones down in a fit of rage and broke them. All I want is my shitty fucking exotic bounty shotgun done that I'll probably never use in PvE because the PvE is a snipe fest anyway. 25 kill spread is impossible in the current state, unless I get one of those auto rifles people are using.

Titan Defender is completely useless. Everyone seems to have shields, yet they have no means to keep shields up other than the Super. The Super is next to useless except for a temporary shield anyway, as a few bullets destroys it, or someone can run in and melee or shotgun instant gib you (even with fucking shields up), or someone can super or grenade it and destroy the shields and you. Titan Defender melee takes 3 hits to kill classes, while others have better range and 1 shot you, even with shields up. I realize Defender is OP in PvE, but it would have been nice to see some fucking semblance of balance in PvP.

I'm really tempted to smash the disc in rage right now. You don't make a "PvP" game like this. Put some fucking matchmaking in.

Oh, and all my Legendary Engrams turned into blues now. I didn't know that they are fixing that next patch. Thanks Bungie you douchebags.

EDIT: So apparently running around as a Striker punching people is WAY more effective than trying to use the completely worthless Exotic Hand Cannon in PvP.
Last Edit: 3 years 3 weeks ago by AIMonster.
3 years 3 weeks ago - 3 years 3 weeks ago #14 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Destiny
Different weapon types aside, my pvp experience so far as Titan Striker is expect to do well in small CQC maps and horrible in open ended maps. I've had a few 10 kill streaks just running around and using the one-hit-kill Shoulder Charge melee when someone turns the corner, or get a face full for buckshot. Overall, it's not that enjoyable of an experience, and trying to do the 25 kill streak for the Invective shotgun is just a stupid mission request. I'll most likely do the Super Good Advise machine gun bounty if presented seeing as how easy the mission line is.

Also, they do plan to nerf Auto rifles/Shotguns and buff Scout/Pulse rifles. They did mention Thorn being a let down too, but didn't specify what they are changing to hand cannons.
Last Edit: 3 years 3 weeks ago by Seifer Arumashi.
3 years 3 weeks ago #15 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Re:Destiny
Yeah, I got the stupid Invective Shotgun just running around shoulder charging and looking for rocket ammo. Defender is about as useless as you can get seeing as their defensive option in PvP actually makes them more vulnerable. FYI for anyone doing it the shotgun bounty is a 25 kill death spread so if you got 125 kills you'd need to have only 100 deaths. 200 would require only 175 deaths. Still tough because you need to maintain a positive K/D ratio for a long period of time and not using an Auto Rifle doing that was a nightmare.
3 years 3 weeks ago #16 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Re:Destiny
3 years 3 weeks ago #17 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Re:Destiny
Not sure how I feel about this:

3 years 3 weeks ago #18 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Destiny
Apparently Lizard squad DDoS'd Destiny last night, again.
3 years 3 weeks ago #19 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Destiny
Spot on lmao.

3 years 2 weeks ago #20 by Ald
Ald replied the topic: Destiny

I can confirm that there were sudden and abrupt changes in the development of Destiny less than a year ago. There was tension between higher ups the entire time we were developing the title due to a lack of cohesion about the vision for the game. One side wanted this huge space epic, like an MMO Mass Effect and the other side was not convinced that would sell and wanted to pare things back to more "easily accessible" standards. They were afraid too much story elements and cut scenes would drive players off.

Then Joe left and everything just fell apart. By the time we were 7 months out to release, word came down that we were making massive revisions to the game's story. Huge portions of dialogue were excised and I think several recordings were redone to support the new narrative. Entire areas that would have been in the final game were removed, but some of the context wasn't, which explains weird reactions from NPCs and strange, unexplained motivations. We had a guy come in to write the grimoire cards who was given access to the original script with notations on what was cut and what needed to be revised in order to make this zombie of a game seem plausible.

All of the Last City factions had their storylines and dialogue cut, the Guardian's initial introduction to the Tower and the Last City was cut, and ALL the origins were homogenized down to the one originally used for Exo characters.

Most of what was cut was planned to be re-polished into DLC, but it's all there on the disc. Not all of it is live on the servers, but it's all there on the disc. Some last minute art assets needed to be remade, which is what you'll be downloading.

It's an embarrassing disaster and not the game I thought would be published.


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