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  • Tabletop Game Night 10.12.17 - Horizons

    Tonight we checked out the Kickstarter-funded game Horizons. It's got a bit of everything to it, taking concepts from deckbuilders to space exploration and colonization games, and resource managers . Essentially it's a "3X" game, so no extermination here! Five players vie for control and dominance among the stars, spreading energy and ore collectors as well as colonies throughout the galaxy. Who will earn the most victory points and take it all home..

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  • ♫ Moving On Up to The East Side ♫

    Neutral Impact recently moved our guild house from Uldah to Shirogane and today we have finished the Castle glamour for our new home!  Thanks to Brac, Kiwi, Selef, and Bigwolf for helping out in the Company Workshop!

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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 10.7.17 - Subterra

    Jroo joins us for his first game as part of Random Impact! Thankfully he brought with him some die-rolling luck. The same can't be sad for all. In Subterra we're all explorers trying to find the exit to this cave before the batteries on our flash lights run out! Will we reach the surface in time? Will we succumb to the fear of darkness, our bodies never to be found? Maybe a little bit of both? Watch on for the full play through on this episode.

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  • Neo-Exdeath got Deathed

    On 9-27-17 Raid Team Clam finally defeated Exdeath and saved the Crystal president from the shattering terrorists or something.  Grats Witch on Genji Katana, Kiwi on Genji Chakrams, and Ashe on DRG body!  Looking forward to the new challenges patch 4.1 and beyond will offer us!

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Arche Age

3 years 5 months ago #1 by Lazaruz
Lazaruz created the topic: Arche Age
Anybody interested in playing this?

Heres a few links, taken from BG and mmorpg

ArcheAge Class Trees

I know I've posted this before, but the info has been out of date for some time. So this is the most up to date info I can find.

In ArcheAge Class Trees are called Schools. There are different kinds of Schools, like Fighting, Crafting, Gathering. Then under Schools you get the Jobs.

Fighting School

The Fighting School Jobs

Artistry - This job is for those who want to be a Bard type player. Mass debuffs (used to control the enemy), enhancing buffs for allies (they are massive beasts), indispensable branch for tech support, good passives for enhancing abilities of this tree.

Calling - This job is for those who want to be a Rouge type player. Instant motion, go behind the targets back, excellent offensive skills, and self-buff passives to maximize the chance to kill the target, the ability to disappear from sight of the enemy.

Combat - This job is for those who want to become a Warrior type player. Single\massive attacks, specializing in weapons, fast movement, pulling the enemy to itself, reinforcing self buffs.

Will - This job is for those who want to be a Paladin type player. This tree is specialized to protect the player, avoid attacks, protection against debuffs, increased HP, teleport short distances on the battlefield, has skills for mass immunity to magic for the party/raid.

Devotion - This job is for those who want to be a Cleric type of player. A huge set of spells to save the life of your allies and the target, massive spells and self buffs, passives to amplify the power of healing magic.

Wild - This job is for those who want to be a Ranger type player. A tree for archers, a different set of offensive skills, debuffs to control the target, and self-buff passives to reinforcing possession of ranged weapons, can tame animals.

Fortification - This job is for those who want to be a EQ's Shadowknight type of player. Debuff skills to control the enemies, excellent self-buff active and passive skills, aggro controlling, temporary invulnerability.

Magic - This job is for those who want to be a wizzard type of player. A huge arsenal of mass magical attacks, a nice set of passive skills that increases magical attacks.

Conjury/Illusion - This job is for those who want to be a CC mage type of player. This tree contains single and mass debuffs (silence, roots, sleep, etc), self buffs, player can pretend to be dead, for those who are want to control (CC) their enemies.

Death - This job is for those who want to be a Necromancer type of player. Black magic (there Vampire), to control the enemies with debuffs (lard, paralysis, telekinesis, slow), enhance magical critical rate.

Defining your Character in the Fighting School

- There are 10 jobs in total under the Fighting School from which you are able to choose 3 jobs which will define your character, resulting in a total of 120 different class combinations.

- Each job has 3 trees, every tree has 11 active and 5 passive skills, so each class has 33+15 aka 48 skills ready, from which you can chose 23 skills which will define your character.

- Every skill tree has its own level, they are levelling same as the character does (level 50 is the max), and also all the skills have level requirements (depending on the skill trees level and not on the characters level).

Here is the list of the 120 class combinations under Fighting Schools :

Passive Skills

The way to choose passive skills have been redone, now its impossible to choose all the passive skills from a tree without taking on any active skills. In order to choose the first passive skill from a tree, the player needs to have 1 active skill chosen from that tree, to unlock the second passive skill you need to have 2 skills selected from the given tree, for the third passive 3 skills, for the fourth passive 5 skills, and if there is a fifth passive then you need to have 7 skills selected from the tree in order to be able to take that passive skill (this doesn't mean all 7 skills need to be active skills, passives count into this too).


Combo Skills

Skills have different results depending on what buffs are on the player or debuffs on the target. Some of them have been changed, and many new combos have been added, now almost every skill had 2-3 combos, and a few even have 4 combos.

List of Skill Combos (Russian Version) :

Other Fighting School Info

- Players may choose 1 job at Char level 1, a second at level 5 and the third job at level 10.

- Each job has its own skills and level along with the player as they hunt, craft and quest.

- Each skill has advanced versions and costs coin to improve as the job level increases.

- Skills can be reset at a trainer, and will then cost coin to be improved to the job level.

- Skill Jobs can be reset as well, starting L20 iirc, and will then default to L10 and the school will need to be revelled. For example a L50 player dump all 3 of their jobs for 3 new ones, although they are L50, their 3 new jobs are L10 and would need to be advanced through normal levelling, until which time the player would only have access to lower level skills.

Skill Calculator

Here is a new English Skill Calculator that has added all the new info and is up to date in the Fighting School, they even have the skill combos at the bottom ! Try it and see how you would like to Define your character.

Im here to chew bubble gum and kick ass.
And im fresh out of bubble gum.
3 years 5 months ago #2 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Arche Age
We had a very small group of players here in early 2013 that were very interested in playing ArcheAge with us. Unfortunately the game was pushed back so much, went into about 15 alpha and beta phases and got taken over by Trion for Western publishing. As a result we shut the chapter down and no one has offered to step up and take the position. I planned on revisiting this a couple of months before launch but not sooner. I am mired under 3 projects right now.

That said though, if someone feels strongly enough about ArcheAge that they want to start getting the ball rolling again, I am more than happy to assist with that. I just need to settle things with the two new gamer groups and the tabletop addition that am is in the works.

Let me know in any way you can! PMs preferred.
3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #3 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Arche Age
If you are playing ArcheAge and wish to join an IGC-based guild, we're rolling on Tahyang. Strictly casual for now.

We are currently in talks with a guild that may join the community, no promises though.
Last Edit: 3 years 1 month ago by Grey Jorildyn.
3 years 1 month ago #4 by Bjornsin
Bjornsin replied the topic: Arche Age
Ive got the game, wont be playing it much due to WildStar but ill roll with IGC after I make a char.
3 years 1 month ago #5 by Ald
Ald replied the topic: Arche Age
Not happy with the focus on PVP at endgame but i'll give the game a try again. I loved the class system for the short amount i played in beta.
3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #6 by Alaghmaral
Alaghmaral replied the topic: Arche Age
If anyone is playing Archeage atm and is interested in joining the chapter: I will need a party of 5 to even create the guild so let me know if you're playing on Tahyang. I'll invite people into a Family for the time being until I can get the gold and people to make the guild itself. This is the plan I have going atm.

Send me a PM, post here, or message me ingame: Ipsae

Edit: To address the obvious: since we're starting late out of the gate I'm going to try to work with Grey on a plan moving forward. We are not on a hardcore PVP server, our focus is yet to be determined but I believe we will be keeping this in mind.
Last Edit: 3 years 1 month ago by Alaghmaral.
3 years 1 month ago #7 by Ald
Ald replied the topic: Arche Age
Tahyang is the unofficial RP server for the US if anyone was wondering.
3 years 1 month ago #8 by Punch Clock Villain
Punch Clock Villain replied the topic: Arche Age

Ald wrote: Tahyang is the unofficial RP server for the US if anyone was wondering.

3 years 1 month ago #9 by Slayus
Slayus replied the topic: Arche Age
I'll be playing tomorrow when it launches for those that did not get a founder pack.

Not a huge fan of RP :/ Have a few friends on Ollo and says it is a very popular server...

I'm sure I will end up rolling a char on Tahyang so I can stay in touch, just probably won't be my main :/
3 years 1 month ago #10 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Arche Age
Does race matter in that game? I know if effects starting area, but can people who start in different continents form groups with one another? How difficult is it to get from one continent to another?


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