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Black Desert

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #1 by AIMonster
Black Desert was created by AIMonster
Thought I'd start a thread for it. It's likely going to be the next big sandbox / hybrid MMO after Archeage. They are interested and are looking for a foreign publisher (they are contacting several at the moment). Hope Trion picks it up and not NCSoft or Webzen. It will release late 2013 in Korea. Like Archeage the game seems to have a more European fantasy setting to it than typical Asian Fantasy / Anime setting and art style.


Official Site (NA)

Facebook Site (More Info)


  1. Dynamic Weather effects which have an effect on gameplay.
  2. Parkour system lets you climbs and leap across buildings. (Think Assassin's Creed)
  3. Mounted combat (including horse drifting)
  4. Robust housing system (there is a video showing this)
  5. Action combat (including friendly fire)
  6. Massive siege warfare. You can also hire mercenaries to fight for you.
  7. Classes will not be gender locked, though there might be minor differences between male and female attack animations and damage.
  8. Massive bosses, both instanced and in the open world.
  9. Quests won't generally be standard kill quests. One example (shown in Trailer 2) is of a quest where you lead rats out of a port town.
  10. There will be day and night cycles. Like the weather system, it will have an effect on gameplay. 1 day is approximately 4 hours in real time.
  11. Party sizes up to 4 people, raid sizes up to 20 people.
  12. Death penalty currently has you drop (partially) items in your inventory when you die. No idea of the PvP death penalty.
  13. Seamless world

Classes: (Names may change, writing a brief description of what I've seen so far)


Summons pets. Looks like she can ride her wolf pet. Seems to have high mobility and melee oriented attacks.


Your standard bow wielding ranged attacker.


Your standard melee fighter/tank.


Magic caster. Seems to be a more melee / mid ranged oriented mage type rather than a traditional spell slinger.


Massive melee fighter. Seems to be very AoE oriented.


Melee fighter. Has an East Asia (Samurai) fighting style. Can summon a second blade to dual wield for a short period of time.
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5 years 5 months ago #2 by wintertide
Replied by wintertide on topic Black Desert
This game just sounds damn awesome. I wish other games would adapt dynamic weather and have it effect gameplay. The mount system is also the best I've seen yet, animations and all. You should probably add that mounted combat is primarily used in siege warfare as it isn't effective in normal situations.
5 years 4 months ago #3 by AIMonster
Replied by AIMonster on topic Black Desert
Some more info from a few interviews they did:

- There is no Healer class at the time. It's not out of the realm of possibility, but it's unlikely. Think GW2.
- On the same note there is no stealth type class in the game at the moment.
- There will be a skill tree system for character customization.
- You must declare a war on whichever guild currently owns a castle to occupy it.
- There are three types of guilds you can have you guild be, military which focuses on PvP, trading which focuses on manufacturing items and trading, and religious (unsure on this one). You can do all types of activities in the game, but your specialization will provide bonuses in certain activities.
- Houses can be purchases for your guild under the guild's name as a sort of clan hall.
- NPC Mercenaries can be purchased to defend castles and other PvP objectives for your guild.
- Attacks must be aimed (including the Archer class), but there will be lenient auto-aim.
- Resources can be grown and harvested. Think Archeage. NPCs will buy junk items only and you will not be able to trade high level crafting materials to NPCs and use the unique trading system in game.
- Not sure how the unique trading system works, but there is a map that shows off trading routes and we've seen instances of caravans controlled by players getting attacked in the trailers.
- You can setup buildings to do specific types of things, for example you can setup your home to act as a Blacksmith/Shop. It seems like you might have specialize in one particular thing you want your building to be used for.
- You'll need to use crafting stations to craft which can be added to a building you own or you can pay to use public crafting stations.
- There will be a weight system in game so you can't overencumber characters (think classic EQ). You'll need to use caravans to transport heavy goods along other trading routes.
- The game won't be your typical quest line MMOs, but they do plan to have a few quests to guide you as you level up.
- There will be no level limit in the game; however after 50 it will be much harder to level up.
- There is no plans for flying mounts at the moment, but we see a lot of land mounts from the trailer, such as the Tamer's wolf pet, horses, and mammoths.
- The game will be free to play in Japan/Korea. It's pretty safe to assume the NA version will be free to play.
- There will be a NPC "intimacy system" which lets you obtain access to special dungeons, rare items, and EXP. Sounds like it will work much like a typical faction system. Not many details yet.
- English version likely won't be till 2014 or even 2015.
- Korean beta is Joly 2013.
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5 years 4 months ago #4 by Jintu
Replied by Jintu on topic Black Desert
So no trinity? meh for me. :(
3 years 9 months ago #5 by Ald
Replied by Ald on topic Black Desert
Steparu has a pretty good writeup with tons of info and vids.


What a shock at the lack of PVE content in a Korean MMO.
3 years 9 months ago #6 by Grey
Replied by Grey on topic Black Desert
The only Korean MMO I really got into for any length of time was Aion and it had a decent amount of PvE content. Sure DP was the only end game raid but there was always a couple dungeons along the way in each level range and several others at level 50 that people did for challenge. I rarely PvP'd and had plenty to do with my group of friends at the time.

Black Desert looks like something I could toy around in for awhile. PvP just ain't in my blood though :(
3 years 9 months ago #7 by Ald
Replied by Ald on topic Black Desert
See i thought Aion was extremely lacking as far as PVE went at endgame.

There was no content to do as a guild other than PVP. This is a recurring issue with all Korean MMO's. They don't invest in creating PVE content for more than 5-6 people. As we all know this creates cliques and separates guilds into smaller groups that never really play together. It's not healthy for a guild.
3 years 6 months ago #8 by Alaghmaral
Replied by Alaghmaral on topic Black Desert
If anyone is playing OBT right now, I'm on Calpheon (칼페온) and my character name is 구리꽃사슴
3 years 6 months ago #9 by Grey
Replied by Grey on topic Black Desert
You are now the official representative of IGC in the game.
3 years 6 months ago #10 by Ald
Replied by Ald on topic Black Desert
Steparu's review.

I'm in complete shock that a Korean MMO has no PVE endgame.


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