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List of MMOs in Development (WIP)

5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #1 by AIMonster
Update List:

- Removed Cyphers and Dungeon Striker because these lack a real open world persistent aspect to them and I don't really consider them MMOs (though I kept Phantasy Star Online 2 because I'm biased).
- Removed Duke of Mount Deer (seems to be released already, not really that impressive either).
- Added 11 new descriptions (D-E).
- Added developers and publishers to the list.
- Added Epicus Incognitus as Ald suggested (fantastic looking game BTW, interested in following that).

- Removed Fighter's Club & Guns and Robots. Again don't think these qualify as MMOs.
- Removed Mabinogi 2 for now. Will keep an eye on it. Not sure if it has a persistent world or not so not sure if it will qualify as a MMO. It looks to be more in lines with Vindictus (which is also based on the Mabinogi universe) than the original Mabinogi.
- Added 16 new descriptions (F-S).

- Added Black Desert, Cabal 2, Embers of Caerus, Greed Monger, and Survarium. (Thanks Winter and Ald).
- Added remaining descriptions.
- Removed Transformer's Universe, Warface, Warframe, Wizardry Online, and World of Warplanes. I believe these are multiplayer, but lack persistent world element. Will keep an eye on them in the future in case I'm wrong.

Age of Wushu - http://www.ageofwushu.com/
Developer & Publisher: Snail Games
Summary: A F2P martial arts MMO with many sandbox elements, a unique combat system, and unique crafting professions and game systems.
Why it could suck: Having played it the game is confusing and does a poor job explaining any of the games systems. It also has a lot of fedex quests.

Archeage - http://www.archeage.com/
Developer: XL Games
Summary: A blend of East and West MMOs with both sandbox and themepark elements. Heavy focus on PvP, building structures, and siege warfare.
Why it could suck: Combat is typical hotkey/tab target and massive warfare seems to rely a lot of CCing your opponents to death.

Black Desert - http://pearlabyss.com/
Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: Gameon
Summary: A beautiful MMORPG featuring action oriented combat, mounted combat, and even parkour.
Why it could suck: No official word on a NA release or not.
Additional Notes: Amazing trailer. LOL @ 4:00.

Blade & Soul - http://us.bladeandsoul.com/en/
Developer: Team Bloodlust (NCSoft)
Publisher: NCSoft
Summary: A fantastic looking martial arts MMO that is extremely popular in Korea right now.
Why it could suck: Though they promise no grind and plenty of content for players, it remains to be seen how much the content quality holds up compared to other MMOs on the US market. Oh, and we'll probably be at least 2 years behind the Korean release.
Additional Notes: NCSoft has already promised that unlike Tera, the game won't suffer from censorship in the US version and that NCSoft is considering not using a pay to play (sub based) model for the game.

Bless - http://www.neowizgames.com/gstar2012/Bless/
Developer & Publisher: Neowiz Games
Summary: Another fantastic looking Eastern game.
Why it could suck: Looks very generic in game systems. Emphasis seems to be on graphics so gameplay may be lackluster. Not much information about the game right now.

Cabal 2 - http://www.cabal2.com
Developer & Publisher: ESTSoft
Summary: The sequel to the popular F2P game Cabal which features action oriented combat.
Why it could suck: Nothing really seems to set it apart from other upcoming action MMOs. I can't find a single unique feature in the game.

Citadel of Sorcery - http://www.citadelofsorcery.com/
Developer & Publisher: MMOMagic
Summary: A heavy sandbox MMO, which promises heavy emphasis on player freedom and shaping the world.
Why it could suck: Really not much information on it yet. Lots of promises, will have to see if they can deliver.
Additional Notes: This was the best video I could find. :(

City of Steam - http://www.cityofsteam.com/
Developer & Publisher: Mechanist Games
Summary: A F2P steampunk MMO that runs in your browser.
Why it could suck: Having played it, it's very much like WoW, with all the dated mechanics that come with it.

Darkfall Unholy Wars - http://www.darkfallonline.com/
Developer & Publisher: Adventurine SA
Summary: Hardcore full loot PvP oriented sandbox with an emphasis on large scale battles and siege warfare.
Why it could suck: Adventurine doesn't have the best track record and the beta is a buggy mess. Also griefing could run rampant here.

DayZ Standalone - http://dayzgame.com/
Developer: Dean "Rocket" Hall
Summary: A standalone game of the popular Arma 2 DayZ mod. It's a zombie survival game with many sandbox elements and persistent servers.
Why it could suck: It might be hard to justify paying full price for a mod you can get for free with Arma 2.
Additional notes: Video is of the mod.

Defiance - http://defiance.com/en/
Developer & Publisher: Trion Worlds
Summary: Multiplatform MMO shooter with vehicles, PvE, and a mix of different game modes. Based on a SyFy series. It has a very Borderlands feel to it.
Why it could suck: Well, being multiplatform some of the gameplay (in particular UI and autoaiming) could suffer. Also, aside from having PvE it isn't really doing anything revolutionary that Planetside 2 isn't already doing, and it's probably going to have a sub based model on top of it.

Dragon's Prophet - http://www.dragonsprophetthegame.com/
Developer: Runewalker Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Summary: A F2P game that mixes themepark, sandbox, and action oriented combat. It also features customizable dragon mounts which have a great effect on your character as part of the gameplay. Looks to have a very Monster Hunter feel to it.
Why it could suck: Right now it looks great, but it still remains to be seen how good the quality and amount of content there is.

Dust 541 - http://www.dust514.com/
Developer: CCP Games
Publishers: CCP Games & Sony Online Entertainment
Summary: Playstation 3 exclusive MMO based off the EVE Online universe. Features both RTS and shooter gameplay similar to say Savage.
Why it could suck: PS3 exclusive for one. Not really sure there is a huge market for MMOs there and that patch distribution will allow for constant updates required of a MMO. It's gameplay being different might deter EVE fans too.

Earthrise - http://www.play-earthrise.com/
Developer: Masthead Studios
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Summary: Post-apocalyptic MMO with heavy PvP emphasis that was previously released and shutdown now getting a complete revamp and switching to a F2P model. Features hybrid action oriented third person shooter and traditional MMO combat model.
Why it could suck: Well, it was shut down once before, there is no saying the new release will be better. It wasn't really that popular a game before either.

Elder Scrolls Online - http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en/
Developer: Zenimax Online Studios
Publisher: Bethesda
Summary: Based on the Elder Scrolls series, ESO has lots of unique features including the combat system, large WvW style PvP, and a megaserver system which divides you into gamespaces with players of similar playstyles, your friends, and your guildmates.
Why it could suck: Developers did a horrible job on initial impressions making the game appear to be very similar to features in WoW especially with horrible developer interviews. Since then, Zenimax has done a better job explaining about makes Elder Scrolls so unique, but the initial hype and impressions could very well have permanently hurt this game.

Embers of Caerus - http://www.embersofcaerus.com
Developer & Publisher: Forsaken Studio
Summary: A low fantasy sandbox MMORPG featuring levelless character advancement, dynamic weather and ecology, housing, siege warfare, full loot open PvP, and player controlled legal systems and religion.
Why it could suck: Depends a lot on the players. Griefing could run rampant in this game. Might wind up being a bit too niche due to being too much of a sandbox and player controlled.
Additional notes: Still early development. No gameplay video available.

End of Nations - http://endofnations.com/en/
Developer & Publisher: Trion Worlds
Summary: Possibly the first true MMO RTS. It's also F2P! Also promises of heavy customization of a player's army and a unique progression system.
Why it could suck: Since it has a progression based system it may bar entry to new players who didn't get ahead on the initial launch of the game. RTS games also require even more balancing than your typical RPG or Shooter, so it could be difficult to maintain especially with the available customization and differences in classes and factions.

Epicus Incognitus - (No official website)
Developer & Publisher: Inuca Interactive
Summary: Fantastic graphics and action oriented combat seem to be the primary focus here. There is also an item progression system through enchantments and synthesis. Not much information about the game out now besides a really great looking trailer.
Why it could suck: There isn't a whole of information right now so it could suck for a number of reasons. Is this even a persistent world or is it more like Vindictus? Is it going to get a NA release?

Eternal Blade - http://eternalblade.gpotato.com/teaser/
Developer & Publisher: Gala Net (AKA GPotato)
Summary: An "anime" MMO with action oriented combat and dungeon crawling, but in a persistent world.
Why it could suck: It lacks a lot of information right now. It's a Gpotato game, easily the worst developer with F2P games being known for being heavily pay to win. It has a very cutesy look to it. Doesn't look like it will have much depth.

Everquest Next - http://www.everquestnext.com/
Developer & Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Summary: The 3rd MMO in the Everquest series, EQ Next promises to bring return back to the good old of days of Everquest, but bringing new more modern MMO features such as sandbox elements and retaining some of the advances that have been made in the MMO genre.
Why it could suck: There isn't a whole lot of information about it right now. SOE doesn't exactly have the best reputation either, though they may have gotten some redemption with Planetside 2.
Additional Notes: Unfortunately there is no gameplay video and only a few screenshots of the game, so this video will have to do till they release an official trailer.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/
Developer & Publisher: Square Enix
Summary: A complete revamp of Final Fantasy XIV addressing many of the criticisms of the original game including a new development team, new UI, better combat, updated more modern MMO mechanics, and better server structure. FFXIV is basically an entirely new game. The game is also getting a Playstation 3 release in the future too.
Why it could suck: SE is going to have a hard time bringing back players who were jaded with the original FFXIV release and bringing in new players with the number of new MMOs released now and in the future.

Firefall - http://www.firefallthegame.com/
Developer & Publisher: Red 5 Studios
Summary: A F2P MMO Shooter with all the features you'd typically see in a MMORPG including lots of PvE content, huge open worlds, character customization, dyanmic events, and crafting systems along with gameplay similar to Tribes.
Why it could suck: It's going to be tough competing directly with the already released Planetside 2 and more so with Defiance which has very similar features.

Game of Thrones - http://www.gameofthronesmmo.com/
Developers: Bigpoint / Artplant
Publishers: Bigpoint
Summary: Based on the HBO series, it's a F2P Browser Based MMO with heavy faction PvP emphasis and an action oriented combat system.
Why it could suck: Bigpoint's other releases weren't exactly stellar and browser based MMOs can be very limited in what they can do.

Greed Monger - http://www.greedmonger.com/
Publisher: (Backed via Kickstarter)
Summary: A F2P Sandbox MMO where crafting is the primary focus of the game. Land is purchased and can be built on using the crafting system. You can also sell in game assets for real currency.
Why it could suck: It looks very amateurish in quality. Also looks geared towards a very niche group of players.

Grimlands - http://grimlands.gamigo.com/en/
Publisher: Gamigo
Summary: A post-apocalyptic TPS browser MMO with sandbox elements and PvE (including dungeons) as well as PvP as well as vehicular combat.
Why it could suck: It's going to be competing directly with lots of MMO shooters and it remains to be seen if it can stand out from the crowd.

Lime Odyssey - http://limeodyssey.aeriagames.com/
Publisher: Aeria Games
Summary: An anime themed F2P MMO being hailed as the "spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online".
Why it could suck: There is literally nothing that makes this stand out. There isn't really a single unique feature worth noting. The MMO is also very cutesy style and childish. It also hasn't received any notable update in 9 months.

Marvel Heroes - https://www.marvelheroes.com/
Developer: Gazillion Entertainment / Secret Identity Studios
Summary: A Diablo style MMOARPG featuring Marvel Heroes as playable characters.
Why it could suck: Diablo style point/click and collect loot combat can get old fast in a MMO setting, and seeing everyone running around as clones of your favorite superhero is fairly immersion breaking.

Neverwinter - http://nw.perfectworld.com/
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Summary: A F2P action MMORPG game featuring tools to design your own custom dungeons and quests.
Why it could suck: Perfect World games tend to have certain pay to win elements, and Cryptic Games have been a bit lacking in the past. It remains to be seen if the tools will be versatile enough (and reasonably priced) to truly create your own unique adventures.

Otherland - http://otherland.gamigo.com/en/
Developer: Real U
Publisher: Gamigo
Summary: It's really difficult to summarize Otherland since it's so unique. The game has many sandbox features, action oriented combat system, and a mix of both PvE and PvP. It's setting is wholly unique and the you can even copy the DNA of creatures and have them defend your clan's space plus the ability to create almost entire worlds. It also features one of if not the most robost character creation tool.
Why it could suck: It's so different that it could risk alienating new players with a massive learning curve.

Pathfinder Online - https://goblinworks.com/
Developer: Goblinworks
Publisher: Paizo Publishing
Summary: Based on the Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game, Pathfinder Online is a sandbox RPG with a balanced mixed of PvE/PvP gameplay, procedurally generated dungeons, large scale open world battles, and a focus on exploration.
Why it could suck: It's still in early development so it's hard to get a good grasp of the game systems at the moment. The combat system doesn't seem to be much of an improvement on the traditional MMO style, and the sub + cash shop model (though more like EVE Online's system) could be a major downside with the massive amount of upcoming high quality F2P titles.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - http://www.pso2.com/us/
Developer & Publisher: Sega
Summary: A F2P Game that will be released on iOS, Vita, and Android as well as PC and have cross-platform compatibility based on the popular Phantasy Star Online franchise. It features fast paced action oriented combat in a TPS setup and instanced gameplay with some procedurally generated content.
Why it could suck: It likely will be heavily Pay to Win and development for the iOS and Android with cross-compatibility could very well bog down the quality of the PC version.
Additional Notes: Though it doesn't feature the persistent world requirement, I kept it here because it does at least feature multi-party (up to 12 players) in a single instance which is more than most instance based multiplayer games allow for.

Project Theralon - http://www.theralon.com/
Developer & Publisher: Infernum
Summary: Billing itself as a "true sandbox" MMORPG, it allows players to create entire cities based on their own designs and will run completely in a browser. It also has levelless gameplay and features air to air dragon battles.
Why it could suck: Still not a whole lot of information on this one. Nothing that stands out too much yet, so could be a number of reasons why it could be bad. Will have to wait and see.

Salem - http://www.paradoxplaza.com/games/salem
Developer: Seatribe
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Summary: A F2P Sandbox MMO set in Colonial Salem where players attempt to colonize and explore the New World featuring heavy emphasis on crafting and exploration.
Why it could suck: It has permadeath, though it has a "descendent" system to alleviate a bit. It seems like a very hardcore MMO, but without a heavy focus on combat and more on crafting and trading it's going to be way too niche and possibly a griefer's paradise with the permadeath. Graphically it's not as good looking as most of the MMOs here.

Scarlet Blade - http://scarletblade.aeriagames.com/
Developer: LivePlex
Publisher: Aeria Games
Summary: A F2P Sci-Fi MMORPG featuring massive battles and mechs. Based on the ecchi anime series Queen's Blade.
Why it could suck: I'm not sure how Aeria Games is going to publish this one to NA audiences without heavy censorship, and really there is nothing that makes this game stand out. You can just imagine the type of community a game like this is going to have. Gameplay looks extremely generic.

Star Citizen - http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/
Developer & Publisher: Robert Space Industries
Summary: A F2P (or Buy to Play) massive Space-sim MMO. Not only featuring persistent world multiplayer, but single player campaigns and moddable multiplayer as well. Combat and trading is done in first person similar to any other flight or space sim. From the creator of Freelancer, Privateer, and Wing Commander.
Why it could suck: It can't. No, but in all seriousness perhaps it might be too unforgiving for some and there is no guarantee the game will live up to the hype it's created already or even necessarily see a definitive release. Space-sims can also be pretty generic in terms of world (universe) design too.

Survarium - http://survarium.com/en
Developer & Publisher: Vostok Games
Summary: Survarium is a bit of a spiritual successor to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. It's a F2P MMO Shooter with both roleplaying and survival elements.
Why it could suck: Seems still in early development and not a whole lot of information about it right now. Not even sure at the moment it fits in the MMO category.

Swordsman Online - (No site yet)
Developer & Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Summary: A F2P Martial Arts MMO featuring fast paced combat as well as instances with dynamic events.
Why it could suck: Very little information means lots of reasons. Will update in the future. No confirmation this will even see a Western release.

Titan (Working Name)
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Activison
Summary: Very little is known about Blizzard's next title. Blizzard says it will be a "casual MMO". It will likely be a spinoff of an existing IP, but not one of Blizzard's current existing IPs. This is all speculation and rumors of course.
Why it could suck: Need A LOT more information about the game.

The Repopulation - http://www.therepopulation.com/
Developer & Publisher: Above & Beyond Technologies
Summary: A post apocalyptic survival sandbox MMO featuring a hybrid switchable combat system between action oriented and traditional tab targeting. It also features a wide array of non-combat abilities and a system in place where players can create cities as well as procedurally generated content.
Why it could suck: It's very ambitious with lots of smaller unique systems in the game. The spread of development could mean that one or all aspects of the game may fall short in comparison to other games that focus entirely on it.

Trials of Ascension - http://trialsofascension.com/
Developer: Shadowpool Studios
Publisher: (Plan to use Kickstarter)
Summary: A sandbox MMORPG featuring dynamic ecology and spawns (as well as GM controlled spawning), permadeath, open PvP, a multi-tiered crafting system, and player created structures and towns.
Why it could suck: Open PvP with permadeath seems like it's going to be a haven for griefers. Without Kickstarter funding it's likely not going to get produced. It's been in development for a long time and still hasn't produced any tangible results. Basically this could very well be Vapourware.

WildStar - http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/
Developer: Carbine Studios
Publisher: NCSoft
Summary: A Sci-Fi MMORPG with unique classes, minigames, unique quests, and semi-sandbox gameplay such as a deep housing system.
Why it could suck: Although WildStar has a few unique features, it also sticks very close to the current mainstream combat and UI conventions (World of Warcraft mainly), so it remains to be seen if the game could really seperate itself from being considered a WoW clone.

World of Darkness - http://www.ccpgames.com/en/products/world-of-darkness
Developer & Publisher: CCP
Summary: A upcoming sandbox MMO with vampires and later other modern mythological creatures. Based on the World of Darkness tabletop MMO (Masquerade ruleset not Requiem), the game will have permadeath and a heavy political system.
Why it could suck: EVE Online has always remained niche, and WoD may be even more so focusing on vampires in a hardcore sandbox MMO ruleset.

Last edit: 5 years 6 months ago by AIMonster.
5 years 6 months ago #2 by AIMonster
Just trying to get a list for now. Will update as I have time and go down the list. If I missed any let me know. Trying to include any major MMO (and some minor ones) in development that I can think of.
5 years 6 months ago #3 by Bjornsin
Game of Thrones MMO? Interesting... I'm certainly looking forward to TES Online and I was looking at NeverWinter also.
5 years 6 months ago #4 by Ald
Epicus Incognitus

5 years 6 months ago #5 by AIMonster
To be honest, nothing really catches me right now that I absolutely must play it. I do like the push towards Sandbox features, finally getting some AAA quality MMO titles focused on sandbox gameplay. Still my watch list in no particular order is:

Everquest Next
Blade and Soul
Phantasy Star Online 2
Star Citizen
Pathfinder Online
5 years 6 months ago #6 by Papaj
That's quite a list....no doubt the industry has moved towards what we discussed in our first podcast - everyone and their mother wants a piece of the MMO pie - However, as we saw when WoW was still at it's peak and things like AoC, Aion, etc were being released, nobody managed to make one good enough that player's stuck with. So the million dollar question is - How many of these will follow suit?
5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #7 by AIMonster

Papaj wrote: That's quite a list....no doubt the industry has moved towards what we discussed in our first podcast - everyone and their mother wants a piece of the MMO pie - However, as we saw when WoW was still at it's peak and things like AoC, Aion, etc were being released, nobody managed to make one good enough that player's stuck with. So the million dollar question is - How many of these will follow suit?

I think the big difference here is a lot of this list isn't trying to copy WoW. Sure there are a few that are still using dated gameplay, but for the most part we're seeing new trends. Unique features such as radically different combat systems, emergent gameplay, procedurally generated content, and lots of sandbox features. If you looked back 3-4 years ago you'd have a similar list of MMORPGs, but I'd say at least 75% had features similar to WoW while this list there are only a few games that try to copy the WoW formula.

I think developers are finally starting to realize you can't beat World of Warcraft at it's own game, and as WoW becomes more and more dated new and awesome features are really going to begin to shine. A lot of these MMOs instead of trying to cast a net that is too wide like games that played it safe before did, they are trying to appeal to a more niche based. Basically they are taking the EVE Online approach versus the World of Warcraft approach.

Even though none of these games grab me like say Guild Wars 2 did (there is still plenty of time though, as a lot of these games are in very early development) there is a lot more choice here for all style of gamers here than there was in the past and a lot of really neat concepts that could very well be the next big thing.

Also free to play and buy to play is becoming increasingly more popular, so developers don't necessarily have to keep too much of a base of players interested in the game, as a few hardcore players and the occasionally casual purchaser can keep these games profitable alone.
Last edit: 5 years 6 months ago by AIMonster.
5 years 6 months ago #8 by Grey
sticky'd. Thanks for the work here May. This is great!
5 years 6 months ago #9 by Cichy
I've seen some videos of Wildstar and I'm kinna interested in trying it out. Signed up for the beta, I hope I get in.
5 years 6 months ago #10 by wintertide
Other MMOs:

Black Desert
Greed Monger
Embers of Caerus


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