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  • Tabletop Game Night 10.12.17 - Horizons

    Tonight we checked out the Kickstarter-funded game Horizons. It's got a bit of everything to it, taking concepts from deckbuilders to space exploration and colonization games, and resource managers . Essentially it's a "3X" game, so no extermination here! Five players vie for control and dominance among the stars, spreading energy and ore collectors as well as colonies throughout the galaxy. Who will earn the most victory points and take it all home..

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  • ♫ Moving On Up to The East Side ♫

    Neutral Impact recently moved our guild house from Uldah to Shirogane and today we have finished the Castle glamour for our new home!  Thanks to Brac, Kiwi, Selef, and Bigwolf for helping out in the Company Workshop!

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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 10.7.17 - Subterra

    Jroo joins us for his first game as part of Random Impact! Thankfully he brought with him some die-rolling luck. The same can't be sad for all. In Subterra we're all explorers trying to find the exit to this cave before the batteries on our flash lights run out! Will we reach the surface in time? Will we succumb to the fear of darkness, our bodies never to be found? Maybe a little bit of both? Watch on for the full play through on this episode.

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  • Neo-Exdeath got Deathed

    On 9-27-17 Raid Team Clam finally defeated Exdeath and saved the Crystal president from the shattering terrorists or something.  Grats Witch on Genji Katana, Kiwi on Genji Chakrams, and Ashe on DRG body!  Looking forward to the new challenges patch 4.1 and beyond will offer us!

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Fight Stick Controllers

1 year 7 months ago #1 by CoreContingency
CoreContingency created the topic: Fight Stick Controllers
Sensei AIMonster, what would you recommend for hardware in the realm of fight sticks? Low, Mid, and High?
1 year 7 months ago #2 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Fight Stick Controllers
If you want to make it a bit of a project, you could build your own. It's not terribly difficult. I recommend Sanwa sticks and buttons.

As for some pre-built sticks:

Madcatz Store
Sticks are $230 & $200 (High end) and $80 (low end).

Hori Store
$40 for the mini stick, $150 and $180 for the mid tier, and then $300 for the high end.

Finally I would check out Qanba's Store too. They have the cheapest (non-mini) stick and it's probably better quality than the cheap Madcatz one at $70. I'm not sure how pricier stuff compares to the Hori and Madcatz, which are the most common sticks.


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