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Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #1 by AIMonster
AIMonster created the topic: Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming
So with the release of Youtube Gaming Wednesday I decided it would be best to throw up yet another comparison post comparing the livestreaming services. Unfortunately I keep accidentally hitting the back button on my Naga so I'm going to keep the post relatively short.

Stream Delay:

1. Hitbox: ~5 seconds
2. Twitch and Youtube: ~20 seconds

Max Bit Rate:

1. Hitbox: None
2. Youtube: 9000
3. Twitch: 3500


1. Youtube: Can monetize through ads immediately, can control when ads are displayed directly, can create tip buttons easily through card system.
2. Hitbox: Can monetize immediately, can control when ads are displayed manually, but some are automatic.
3. Twitch: Partners only, you can create a tip button, but will not make money through ads or subscriptions unless you are a partner.

UI (Personal Opinion here):

1. Hitbox: Very clean front page and dashboard, features are easy to find.
2. Twitch: Pretty clean as well, I personally don't like how forced the layout is for the stream page and the dashboard isn't as nice as Twitch's.
3. Youtube: It's a mess in almost every aspect. The side bars are the main issue here.


1. Twitch: Obviously number 1 at the moment.
2. Youtube: Has a huge following from being on Youtube, if you have a good subscriber count on Youtube you have a good chance of bringing those subscribers to your livestream.
3. Hitbox: It's definitely the weaker of the 3.

Recording / Editting:

1. Youtube: Automatically archive streams to Youtube with no restrictions, you can use the Youtube editor to trim down and it works well, fastest upload/processing to Youtube of the 3.
2. Twitch: Works better at editting recording than Hitbox. Lots of restrictions on archiving footage though. Subscription lifts some, but still restrictive.
3. Hitbox: Less restrictions than Twitch, but the editor is a mess and I find it difficult and cumbersome to edit videos, plus it crashes a lot as you try to edit or fails to upload properly (especially longer footage).

Chat (need more info):

1. Hitbox: Let's you upload images and videos with moderation. Way better overall for chatting than Twitch.
2. Youtube: Persistant chat is a big draw here, your Google+/Youtube Avatar is displayed in chat which is nice for differentiating people.
3. Twitch: It's pretty basic.


1. Hitbox: Hitbox generally let's you stream anything gaming related that isn't straight up hentai/porn. For example you can stream something like Senran Kagura on Hitbox without issue.
2. Twitch: Known for abusive moderators and banning multiple games on Twitch, it also has a nasty ContentID system that checks for copyright music and may completely silence your Stream.
3. Youtube: While it's probably a bit early to tell, consider Youtube's history before Youtube Gaming you can bet you'll need to be super careful streaming anything on Youtube with the music on and may even have the suffer abuse from companies aiming to copyright flag you.

Stability / Load Times (Personal):

1. Youtube: HTML5 is amazing. Lots of people have problems with the Flash based systems of the others. It's lightning fast and stable.
2. Hitbox: Hitbox is pretty stable (except that damn video editor), though I find Flash could crash ocassionally or I would have to forcibly refresh my stream to watch my stream.
3. Twitch: I find I have the most problems watching something on Twitch.

Exposure (Varies greatly):

Youtube: You have a lot of exposure if you already are popular on Youtube. People now know when your channel is live and you can schedule special streaming events as well. The main issue with exposure on Youtube is only popular games are shown for "follows" initially on Youtube, so there is no list to find you if you plan on playing more obscure games, this means you'll be relying on exposure through your Youtube Channel and Videos instead.
Hitbox: It's really easy to get enough view count to be put on the bottom of the front page on Hitbox, making it have the best potential exposure, but with far less viewership than it's competitors you can't really get through the initial hurdle as easily or retain as many subscribers. Like Twitch you can also sort through live games, so you have the potential for exposure just by playing certain weird niche games.
Twitch: Being the most popular also means really good exposure for channels. You can sort through live games. It's a huge popularity contest though, and the more popular channels bring in even more potential viewership.

Additional Features (please feel free to add here):

Hitbox - Hitbox is the only one that can do 4k streaming.
Youtube - Chat is persistant, DVR up to 4 hours, HTML 5 is much cleaner than Flash and has less issues (crashing, more compatible, etc.), better Youtube integration than the other 3 (obviously), can follow games. Users can downscale your video quality as they choose meaning feel free to stream at highest possible quality! (this is huge and only available to specific partners on Hitbox and Twitch).
Twitch - Since Twitch is considered the standard it's available on platforms that others aren't, for example you can stream directly from a PS4 or Xbox One to Twitch which you cannot do for Hitbox / Youtube at the moment.
Last Edit: 1 year 8 months ago by AIMonster.
1 year 8 months ago #2 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming
Overall weighing all the options, my opinion is that unless you have decent subscriber base on Twitch make the switch to Youtube immediately. If they work to fix some of the UI issues and continually improve their product (they have a leg up on the competition IMO due to HTML 5) then Youtube Gaming does have the potential to compete with Twitch, where Hitbox really never stood a chance. The quality of everything is generally so much better than Twitch so the only real advantage Twitch has at the moment is popularity and app integration, and Youtube has the most (and best) features out of all of them.
1 year 8 months ago #3 by Ald
Ald replied the topic: Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming
I like Hitbox the most but it just doesn't have the viewers.

I'm also reading a ton of negative feedback about youtube cutting off streams and issuing strikes. That worries me the most about streaming there.

I hate to say it but unless youtube fixes their shit, twitch will remain top dog.
1 year 8 months ago #4 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming
I don't think Youtube Gaming will overtake Twitch, but it's certainly going to be more than just a blip like Hitbox. Personally I like Youtube Gaming better of the 3 just because of it's streaming features (sure, Hitbox is a better quality stream overall, but those features are useful), but the Moderation/Content ID stuff is going to be a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Maybe now that they are actually trying to compete with Twitch it will spotlight this stupid shit with copyright infringement, media, streaming, etc and we can start making some progress.
1 year 8 months ago #5 by Ald
Ald replied the topic: Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming
Heard some dude had his stream hit with a claim for singing Happy Birthday. We're officially in Idiocracy.
1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #6 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming
The youtube thing is a mess, as everyone a long time ago when this was announced. It seems they did not do any of the legwork needed to make this a worthwhile thing unless you're just talking over your own stream and nothing else.
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1 year 8 months ago #7 by Kittra Thelder
Kittra Thelder replied the topic: Twitch vs. Hitbox vs. Youtube Gaming
Can you imagine trying to stream a Nintendo game on YouTube? There would be a claim every few minutes...

I think I'll be sticking with Twitch for now, even though I never do anything that could jeopardize my streams.


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