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  • Tabletop Afternoon 4.22.17 - Rick and Morty: Total Rickall

    I thought we'd never make it back, Morty. For a second there I thought we were gonna be splattered under the heel of a terrible god and be nothing but a shit-stain on the bottom of its foot. Oh wait, we're supposed to play a game this week aren't we? Alright well grab all your guns and make sure Beth is there. And that's how we ended up playing this game.

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  • IGC Podcast #88 - A Publisher Knows Better

    One would like to think major publishers do a little research before getting into deals with shady key-sellers but you'd be wrong to believe that. We're covering the G2A-Gearbox partnership news, talking a bit about the Scorpio specs, letting you know what Nintendo's latest silliness smells like, and bringing you an update on The Fatherland. This, some new game debuts, and a listing of the upcoming game releases rounds-out this podcast like it's a real boy.

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  • IGC Podcast #87 - Foolish April

    We have now arrived in April. As some game companies try to trick us into thinking they're funny for others it's business as usual. MadCatz declares bankruptcy, Valve is calling in the big guns for some advice, and Blizzard is remastering StarCraft. A ton of games were announced and we'll tell you about them too. We've got that, the usual release schedule round-up and an update on our fantasy draft now that Mass Effect: Andromeda is out. Did I mention we talk about that for half an hour? Well, now I did. Listen to the show for all the info you could ever want. Sort of.

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  • Operation Paladin Is a Go

    Ballistic Impact's first official operation has begun and takes us to Chernarus. A former Soviet Bloc state with a recent history plagued by the communist insurgency of the "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star", known as the Chedakis by the locals. This problem became compounded when the Chedaki insurgents seized a small Chernarussian base, gaining access to heavy military equipment and becoming much more than a simple thorn in the Chernarussian Governments side. The Russian government, seeing this as potential weakness and being emboldened by their seizure of Crimea and unchallenged interventions in the middle east, took this opportunity to launch a lightning quick offensive. Having crushed the Chernarussian military their more advanced equipment, the Russian military occupied the nation and seemingly began preparations for proceeding further into Europe, forcing a response from NATO.


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Fallout 4

1 year 10 months ago #1 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn created the topic: Fallout 4
Bethesda put up a new site today with info on Fallout 4! ( )

Are you hyped? I am hyped...


The dog! Vault 111! It's in Boston (as rumored). All this is good stuff. I am totally psyched for it. I mean, my TS icon is a vaultboy so that much should have been obvious.
1 year 10 months ago #2 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi replied the topic: Fallout 4
I love the Fallout series and all, but this trailer seemed pretty bland. More like Fallout 3 HD. That said I'm really interested to see at what time frame this is going to take place, the past/present retrospect overlays were a nice hint to what I'm hoping is a setting closer to The Great War aftermath. Maybe also going back into the small conflicts leading up to the nuke exchange like Operation Anchorage DLC in fallout 3.
1 year 10 months ago #3 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Re:Fallout 4
Fallout's not known for graphical fidelity. Perhaps that is a turn-off to some. What it needs is a good story and better gameplay. Even if it is FO3 HD I would be very content just to have that entire new world to explore.

They really could start anytime after the Great War since there's been literally nothing about what happened in Boston after the bombs dropped. Lotsa creative space here. Still mega-hyped.
1 year 10 months ago #4 by AIMonster
AIMonster replied the topic: Fallout 4
Sorry, but Bethesda really screwed up the hype on this one. Not only was this completely expected, we knew they were going to drop this info before E3 (even had the exact date as today). I don't know why these companies are blowing their loads early and what it is about this E3. Are people afraid because more companies like Bethesda (I know) and Square Enix are doing conferences that they are going to compete for coverage. E3 is the big day for announcements, not 2 weeks prior to the show.

Looks like timeline wise they are probably starting way after the bombs dropped when some of the radiation subsided, because there is a lot of growth (foilage, grass, etc.) around the areas in the post apoc part, though I suppose it could be that the radiation just didn't take full effect yet, though I think that's unlikely since they are emerging from the vault.

I have no doubt the game will be amazing, so there is nothing really for me to get hyped over. It would have been a lot cooler if this was revealed at E3 during their conference as it is now it's just kinda a "meh" announcement. We all knew it was coming.
1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #5 by Coolabox
Coolabox replied the topic: Fallout 4
Only Fallout I played was New Vegas (10 playthroughs so far (: ) , I tried playing Fallout 3 but it wasnt compatible with my computer /: Cant wait for this game though. :woohoo:
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1 year 7 months ago #6 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Fallout 4
1 year 5 months ago #7 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Fallout 4
1 year 3 months ago #8 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Fallout 4
A quick impression on FO4...

Just hit level 60 or so. My character is a blend of melee (rarely used now though), radiation/toughness, and a sniper/gunslinger. As such I have built a fairly well-rounded character, but I find myself spending most of my time with semi-automatic rifles now due to their sheer power and a few upgrades to make them shoot .38 rounds.

At first I was all about that melee build but very quickly I found out just how difficult it was to build around that early on (at least without some first-hand knowledge of enemies I would encounter and access to decent gear). Melee build was difficult to implement as it caused me to have to spread my points between Toughness (endurance tree), Blacksmith for mods (str tree), and the actual melee damage perk itself (big leagues iirc). It's not that this is more or less difficult than trying to manage rifles, automatics, and pistols, but the problem always came down to finding the right weapon that would actually do damage.

Early on you pick up a lot of guns and ammo, though not in large quantities. I think the game tries to get you to test out lots of different stuff, which is great. Unfortunately it lacks in giving you decent melee weapons so if you go that route, you need to really bare down on the perks there, and you will find that it is difficult to deal with a lot of enemies at once right away. Guns become almost an inevitability at that point. You find the need to see long-distances (scopes),and that comes with a desire to pick-off an enemy here and there to lighten the load.

My suggestion if you're just getting into it is to try everything, but just be warned that early melee builds will lead to a lot of reloading unless you somehow get lucky and find an amazing pipe wrench or something right at the start.


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